CHAPTER 12 - "Back to the Capital"

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I read history books all afternoon trying to find something that might help us, but nothing came out. It was like everything was against us, the whole universe was punishing me for something. Since I met Bellamy everything happened so fast, it was like I'd been trapped in a whirlwind with no way out.

Bellamy took a nap after I finished sewing his wound

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Bellamy took a nap after I finished sewing his wound. He seemed so peaceful when he slept, I liked to see him like this. No blood or tears on his cheeks. I would do anything to erase the sadness and the pain from his face. I’d never met someone so strong and vulnerable at the same time. There was a strong duality inside of him. A messenger came in and took me out of my stare. He handed me a letter, bowed and came out as fast as he came in.

Surprised first, I turned the letter and saw Polis’s royal seal. I quickly opened it and recognized Lexa’s handwriting. Bellamy woke up and sat next to me.

“News from the meeting?” he asked sleepy headed. I nodded and started reading for the both of us.

“Dear Clarke, I hope you’re not upset about our little fight, because we’ll need to stick together now more than ever. I’m back to the capital and I brought Octavia with me. The meeting turned really differently than I'd expected and not in a good way. I want you to join me. For the Skaikru officer that’s your responsibility, you’ll decide what to do with him. I hope I’ll see you soon at home because this war is far away from over. Love. Lexa.” I tucked the letter and stood up.

“We need to go now!”

“We?” Bellamy asked. “I don’t think this is a good idea, even if your people are calm right now, they aren’t ready to let me into the capital.”

“Well, I can think for myself and this time they’re going to submit to my wish. I’m bringing you to Polis, this is the safest place you could possibly be. And if someone has a problem with it, I suggest he deals with it.”

Bellamy gave me a hot look, biting his lower lip, I turned surprised. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“I remembered a girl that I met who didn’t know if she had the guts to rule, well I don’t know if she’s going to show up again.” I sniggered and pushed him out of the tent.

Some soldiers came to me, seeing them getting closer I whispered to Bellamy:

“Play along.” Then I straightened myself and came to meet them.

“Why isn't the prisoner wearing his handcuffs anymore?” asked one of them.

“First the Officer Blake is no longer a prisoner. He’s under royal protection and the reason why he isn’t handcuffed anymore is because he’s coming to Polis with me.”

I made a pause, their faces turned dark. “For his trial.” I felt Bellamy gasp next to me and started to understand my words “Play along.”

The soldiers stepped aside and let us through. “I need six horses and four volunteers for an escort.” I screamed. Kort came to me with his second, followed by two other soldiers. But another one was following them, Aspen. It was the worst moment for a fight. And he was, without any doubt, the last person I wanted to see right now. He came to me and said:

“I’m coming too. I bet the Skaikru is too dumb to know how to ride so I see a horse available.” He started walking through the horses but I stopped him violently.

“I know exactly why you want to come.” He looked at me with his pride look which was driving me crazy so I took his jacket and violently tackled him against a tree. Everyone was watching us, scared but impressed at the same time. Hopefully they were too far to hear us.

“Don’t think I’m a fool, I know that you have a thing for my sister and the only reason your head is not standing on a pike right now is her. So I suggest you keep your voice down.” I took my hands off him and made a step back. “You think I don’t deserve the throne, well I have a news for you: I don’t care. But if you dare question my authority again I’ll make sure you’ll be in the frontline for the next battle.” I was about to walk away when he shouted:

“We all have our thing don’t we? Except that some of us like murderers.” I turned and slapped him violently. I heard whispers behind me, I just hoped Bellamy didn’t hear.

I looked at his shabby face and said:
“You don’t want the Skaikru to ride. Fine. You ride and he walks tied to your horse. But if you laid your eyes on him you’ll never make it to Polis.”

I walked through Bellamy and handcuffed him. “I’m sorry.” I said sadly, but he gave me a kind look as an answer.

“Don’t worry I can take it.” He said.
I jumped on my horse and we left the camp.

The journey was long but quiet, no fight or stupid altercation. I let myself be driven by my horse so I could rest and think. I had this horse since I was twelve and he knew the kingdom as good as me. I was thinking about how it would feel to be home after all of this, to face Lexa. Sometimes I gave quick looks to Bellamy, he seemed okay and not complaining. Perhaps he just faked it so I didn’t worry, anyway it was working.

The sound of the horses shoe was changing. From the dirt and the grass we came to the pebbles and the dust.

We were in Polis.

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