64 | Hellish

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STARING DOWN AT THE small key in her hand Indiana Jones hummed to herself with furrowed eyebrows. Her ocean-colored eyes moved upward as she gazed at the apartment door just a few feet away from her. It stared back at her, almost attempting to intimidate her. After all, this was the neighboring apartment to her closest friend and student's apartment. Of course, that would be if Indiana was still alive. Indiana wasn't even sure if anyone occupied the neighboring apartment.

See, following her amiable conversation with Felix, one of the waitresses at Granny's passed the brunette a key with a crumpled note. On the piece of paper was a written address and apartment number. It was addressed to Indiana, but signed from "a friend." Indiana didn't exactly have anything to lose, so she made the decision to visit the apartment.

Carefully, Indiana shoved the key into the hole and jiggled it around until the door opened up before her. Inside was... well, it was just an ordinary apartment. There were no ghouls, no witches there to scream and scare Indiana. There were no monsters to ensnare her, and the nightmares couldn't be found. It was just... a regular apartment.

Upon slowly shutting the door, Indiana began to snoop around. The nosy teenager couldn't help but be curious. Who sent her here? Why? Whatever the reason was, Indiana had a feeling that snooping around furniture from the Underworld version of Ikea wasn't going to tell her anything.

"Like the furniture choice? I had a feeling you preferred wooden tables," a woman's voice came. "Gives the place a more... home-y feeling." Indiana instantly whipped her body around to see just who exactly was speaking.

Her eyes widened to the size of dinner plates when she noticed who it was. "Cora," Indiana greeted with a soft voice. "You're here, too? What is this—some kind of weird fairytale reunion?"

Cora chuckled at the girl. "I'd heard stories about you while you were up there," Cora mentioned. "They were right. You really have changed."

Indiana raised an eyebrow at Cora's words. "Well, I am dead," Indiana deadpanned.

"You're all grown up," Cora continued, a bittersweet smile on her red-stained lips. Indiana narrowed her eyes at the woman, folding her arms over her chest.

"I can see you've changed, as well," Indiana replied. She began to walk around the apartment, circling her like a hyena. "Cora, why have you summoned me here?"

Cora laughed. "Is that really the tone you're going to speak to me with? I am the Mayor around here, you know, not to mention your childhood friend," Cora replied. When Indiana kept her intimidating composure, Cora continued. "You are standing in the apartment of Peter Pan."

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