Angelic Sins: Chapter 8

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Chapter 8:

All pain is either severe of slight, if slight, it is easily endured; if severe, it will without doubt be brief. -Cicero

            Awake. Alone. Dark. My head turns as I realize I’m against a wall. It isn’t a soft wall, but something hard like concrete. I can’t tell because it is too dark and my eyes haven’t adjusted yet. I don’t know where I am or how I got here. I frantically try and move to no avail. I am chained. Strangely I feel chains wouldn’t suffice against me, but these must be of special material.

                My wrists and ankles hurt from how tight the chains are. I feel cool air across my body as I realize my robes are torn in several places. My face feels stiff and I can only consider that it’s dried blood. I lick my lip and taste my own sweet dried blood. I can barely move around an inch and am aching all over my body.

                I know I’m not meant to be here for comfort. I don’t know why I’m here. I don’t even remember where I was before I was here. My mind scatters trying to remember anything. Nothing. Who am I? I don’t even know who I am. Why am I a captive? Am I a criminal? Criminals wouldn’t even be in this bad of a condition.

                I can hear steady drips of water in the corner of the room. I can’t see anything, but I know it’s the sound of water. It makes me realize how thirsty I am. My mouth feels dry and I open and close to trying to find moisture. Instead all I get is dry dirt in my mouth. It must be floating everywhere in here.

                Still there are no memories entering my mind. All I can remember is some man, a good-looking man. He was fighting to protect me. He failed. That is why I am here. It is his fault I’m captured. Were they using me to get to him? Why couldn’t he save me? I am a girl. I am helpless. I need a man to save me.

                Footsteps. I hear footsteps. They are getting louder. I look up and can feel the tears in my eyes cascade down my face. I don’t want to be here. I’d rather they kill me than put up with this torment. The footsteps stop and I can only assume someone is in front of me. I can feel it. Somehow I can feel that someone is in front of me. I don’t understand these powers I feel. Someone I feel… inhuman. What am I?

                “I see you’re awake now,” a cold female voice calls out. I still can’t see her but I can feel her. She doesn’t feel nice. She feels so dark. So dark that it hurts me to feel her.

                “Who are you? What do you want with me?” I gasp. My breath is short and comes out shaky.

                “You are scared of me. That is good, you should be,” she says. I can hear more footsteps as she comes into view.

                I can see her face. She is dark bronze with straight black hair. Her eyes are almost chocolate black. At first she looks sweet, but as soon as the smile comes on her face. Terrifying. She has fangs!

                “Tell me what you want!” I cry out. I can’t handle much more of this. I just want it to be over with. Whatever she is going to do with me I want it to be over.

                “Well that is easy darling. I want you to suffer,” She says. Her smile gets even wider and she looks into my eyes.

                I feel her hand grasp my throat and I gag. The air quickly drains from my lungs. I can feel as my life begins to drain. Just when it feels like I’m about to fall over I feel her hand disappear. I cough and look up to see her still there. She didn’t want to kill me. It would be too easy. She was having fun with this. She wanted to cause me pain. Unbelievable pain. Why did she hate me so much? What have I done to her?

                “Do not worry my dear, soon it will all be over,” She says. She steps closer to where her face is inches from mine.

                Her cold hand touches my face and I can see her lean in to me. What is she doing? Her lips are now millimeters from mine. They touch. She is kissing me! I struggle and try and escape. I can hear her growl. She looks back at me and raises her hand. I close my eyes as I feel the impact of her hand across my face. I cry out. It hurts so much. She couldn’t be human and slap that hard.

                My eyes open and I can feel the stinging imprint of a hand on my face. Again her hand is on my face and now it hurts. She leans in again. Oh my god, why did a lesbian have to capture me! Her lips touch mine again and I want to fight them away so bad. I can’t take another slap though. I relax and let her soft cold lips brush across mine. Soon I feel her hand on my neck choking me and forcing me into hers. I know now she wants me to kiss her back. My eyes cringe in disgust as I return the kiss. It fills the pit of my stomach in knots of displeasure, but if it will satisfy her I will do it.

                She releases and steps back. She looks into my eyes, hers still full of hate. “I don’t see what he sees in you. You’re not even that great of a kisser.”

                What? Anger filled my blood. Suddenly I feel queasy. I feel guilty as well. As if I shouldn’t hate. Anger should not be a part of me. She is insulting my kissing. If she only knew! If I only knew! I can kiss better than that. At least… I think I can? No. Don’t speak up. Don’t get frustrated with her. If I cry that I wasn’t trying to it would only cause problems. Like another kiss! Ewww.

                She turns around and looks at something. Someone. I can’t see anything beyond her. I can barely see her and she stands right in front of me. “Strip her.”

                I gasp. No, I don’t want to be naked. Not in front of this woman! Someone help me! I struggle in my chains and realizing that it is useless fighting. I look back to her as she laughs at me.

                I see two men come from the darkness and start ripping my clothes. No! Not men, I’d rather she’d take off my clothes. Who are these guys? They better not touch me! Or I’ll… I’ll… what can I do? Scream? What will that do except please them. My mouth closes as I feel all my clothing fall off my slick body. I feel cold now. Too cold. I can feel my nipples getting harder. That is just what I need as I can feel eyes all over my naked body. I can’t cover myself.

                “Tear off her wings,” the cold voice says. She seems pleased with herself and I can feel her eyes traveling up and down my body.

                Wings? Did I hear that right? I have wings? I’m not human. I didn’t even know I had wings. I struggle to look and I catch a glimpse. They’re beautiful! They’re so big and white! What am I? These wings weren’t exposed before. That’s why she wants me stripped! She knows I hid wings. I gasp in fear as I realize these new wings I just found out about are about to be torn off.

                “No! Wait… please…” I plead. More tears fall across my face to what is now a steady stream.

                “I do not make compromises angel,” She says as she walks off.

                Angel? Did I hear that right? I’m an angel? What is she? I am a good person! Well I was. I’m about to die now. What is an angel without her wings?

                I feel hands grasp my wings. I can feel them. It feels so weird to have wings. I won’t feel them for long. I can feel the tearing from these men. The pain. Oh my god, the excruciating pain. I want to go back to her slapping me. Anything but this.

                Tears gasp out of my shrieks. I think I’d rather be raped by these men and endure the unbelievable pain of losing my wings. I can feel the flesh tearing inside my wings. My mouth won’t close as I scream with every ounce of my soul. I can see as my screams hurt them and they cover their ears. I can feel I’ve almost lost a wing. One pulls out a sword and the other holds my wing out. I keep screaming.

                I feel as the sword penetrates through my wing. It slices through half of my long wing. My heart slows and nearly stops as all the breath is sucked out of my body. My eyes widen and close. I feel the concrete behind my skull as I fade into darkness.

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