Chapter 15

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[Let me inside your ocean and I will accept your waves and tides.]


Jungkook could've been an Olympic athlete by the rate he was running at. The velocity of his steps accelerated instead of decreasing. His brakes seemed to have faltered, and his eyes were driving fast as well.

His heartbeat was a thumping sound of the drums that was screaming in his ears, he could hear his blood rushing through his arteries and veins, he could hear the teardrops falling from his eyes and crashing on the ground. He could hear the auditory voices of people in his mind, yelling at him.

He could hear it all.

And he heard it stop when he stopped as well.

He put a brake on his feet and just breathed heavily until he couldn't take it anymore and just fell on the ground. His pounding thud on the cement construction of roads was louder than an atomic bomb that had exploded.

His tears rushed after each other, racing towards his lap. Most of the teardrops hung by his chin, tickling him and were wiped away. His running nose was sniffed up as soon as it seemed to have touched his upper lip.

Jungkook was a mess.

His mind was blank and for that moment, he didn't even know why he was crying. Everything was just so hard, trying to maintain a good image in front of everyone was harder than it seemed.

The teachers pressured him to do better at his tests and projects; homework wasn't an exception either. His friends wanted his help and he was useless. His classmates need his help and he was stressed. And his girlfriend hated him.

Emotions seemed to have been at a war, raging at each other. The sadness allied with anger and jealousy while happiness seemed to have disappeared with love and affection. No empathy was found, no sympathy was found.

Jungkook was lost between the right and wrong, between his lefts and his rights, and between good and evil.

All of it seemed to have been going the wrong direction. Everything seemed too much to handle and all he could do was: run away and cry.

Cry until the feeling gets dull, cry until you get tired, cry until no more tears fall. Because even tears seemed to have given up on Jungkook.

His pocket buzzed constantly with incoming calls shooting at him but he switched his phone off and threw it on the ground, it didn't bounce. Jungkook just stared at the black screen of his phone, thinking of nothing in particular.

Whether it had been hours and minutes; or just seconds, for Jungkook, time seemed to have turned into eternity. He was trapped within the clock that didn't wait for him and catching up with it was hard. His legs ran after the second hand but failed, it was too fast. His steps went after the minute hand but it was quick for him as well.

And so, he hung by the hour hand, his legs were swinging slowly as he waited desperately but contrary to Cinderella, hoping time would pass in a flash.

"Jungkook!" He heard someone scream and he was slapped out of his thoughts, Jungkook winced in pain and rubbed his cheek slowly. The maknae glared at the person.

"Don't you fucking look at me like that, Jeon Jungkook!!!" Jimin shouted at him, making him flinch and look down.

Jimin's voice broke and his tone wavered, "Do you know how worried I was?" Jimin squatted down and sat beside his maknae, "Fuck you, you made me cry."

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