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Chapter 5

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After 6 of the longest hours of my life, we finally landed in California. I was just glad I was finally off that plane. I called a cab, then got my stuff together. I just wanted to get the house & chill. When the cab arrived, I got in and we were gone. I was actually pretty excited because I wanted to see my messy ass sisters.

When we pulled up in the driveway, I rushed out of the cab because the driver was awkward & creepy. I wanted to get the hell away from him. I walked up to the front door and as loud as I could, beat on the door.

"Who the fuck is bammin' on this fuckin' door," I heard my oldest sister, Demia, yell.

She was so ghetto & I loved it. She opened the door and screamed when she saw it was me.


She hugged me really tight and started jumping up & down.

"BOOOOO!" I screamed back at her.

I walked in the house, threw my bags in my room, then went back in the living room.

"GUESS WHO'S HEEERE," she yelled.

As soon as she said that, my other sister, Octavia, came running down the stairs.

"Oh my god, Brianaaaaa!" she screamed as she tackled me.

She was sitting on my chest, so I could barely talk.

"I can't breeeathe. Get off me," I struggled to say.

She got off of me and we sat on the couch and talked.

"So what are you doing here?" Demia asked with a little excitement still in her voice.

"Ya daddy sent me out here for 'church camp' so I can 'better myself.'"

Dear god. Jut thinking about it annoyed me.

"Chile, what did you do this time?" Octavia asked laughing.

"A couple weeks ago, I went to the party. I came high and a little drunk. Then when I snuck back in the house, lied about everything. I didn't think it was so bad, but you know Daddy," I said rolling my eyes.

"Now you know damn well you wasn't gettin' away with that one," Octavia said.

"Yeah well now I have to go sign in at this fuckin' camp and be around people I don't care to know. I ain't feelin' it."

"Well you can do that tomorrow. Since you like partyin' & shit, you can come out with us tonight," Demia said smiling.

"And where is that?" I questioned.

"To the club, duh," Octavia said goofily.

She has been trying to get me to go out since I was 16, but I wasn't into it. Now since I'm kind of a rebellious soul, she'll probably take advantage of this.

"Alright. So what time are we leaving," I asked getting off the couch.

"11:00," Demia said.

"Aight, cool."

I walked in my room & dropped on my bed. I lied there looking at the ceiling, thinking about how this summer was gonna be. I thought about if camp would change me for real. I thought about if I would have fun tonight. I thought about my parents. I thought about all the trouble I got into back home. I thought about if I would get in trouble here. I was overthinking everything. I thought so much I got a headache. I decided to go to sleep to get my mind off of everything.

Let's just hope...

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