Save Yourself by Ang3lox

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The seven poems that the book consists of are: Sitting in the Dark, No More Innocence, Until the End, Kings who Break the Rules Never Fall, Protect your Heart, Never Give In, and I'm Always Here. These poems vary from the subjects of how people can be instrumental in helping others through hard times, heartbreak, dreams and nightmares, and being co-dependent. Using a range of beautiful language, she weaves stories that are shown by the vibrant imagery she uses. Ang3Lox aims to give her readers a sense of confidence, as they can relate the poem to their own emotions, and experiences. She writes these poems, because the inspiration for them stems from her own life, and the way she feels. Sometimes, those occurrences in her life may be negative, and with these happenings, she tries to show hope to others, who may be going through similar times. Making sure she presents the right mix of feelings in her poetry, it takes her a day or so, to fully complete a poem. My favourite parts of her collection- would have to be from the poems, No More Innocence and, I'm Always Here.

Straight from I'm Always Here:

I will keep your hand in mine,

Forever intertwined.

And an excerpt from No More Innocence:

Keep running!

My voice rings through this emptiness,

This dark place that haunts us,

Running through nowhere,

Leading to somewhere,

Anywhere but this place.

1. What urged you to write Save Yourself?

What made me write Save Yourself, was that I wanted to help people, to show them that there are other people going through the same hard experiences, so that they can relate to my poetry. It's not so much that I wrote about my feelings, it's more I was writing for others, to lend a helping hand through times when life gets difficult.

2. What kind of poetry is in Save Yourself?

I write my poetry to be deep and meaningful to certain people, the readers who can relate to it.

3.Which is the poem that you identify with the most?

The poem I identify with the strongest, would have to be Sitting in the Dark. This poem        talks about being pushed down and feeling like you can't pick yourself up and carry on. So the feeling of pressure is what this is partly about. I was feeling lost at the time and unsure of myself,    which is what gave me the inspiration to write this poem.

4. Have you had other people respond to your poetry, in the way you hoped they would?

Looking back on it, yes. I am happy with the way people responded. Many others have commented on my poetry, saying they could relate to it- which is exactly what I aimed for my poetry to achieve.

5. Why did you decide to express the emotions that serve as inspiration for you, in poetry instead of a story?

Being a fan of music, thinking of the layout of lyrics, being an inspiration, I decided to write these emotions as poetry.

6. What do you think makes your poetry book different from others?

I think what makes my poetry book unique, is because I don't write poetry just because of the emotions I'm feeling. A large part of the reason I write poetry, is for other people, kind of like a guide, or a helping hand when they're feeling down.

7. Have you noticed any patterns in your format of writing?

Yes, I guess I have noticed patterns. My typical way of writing, is to write a poem all in one go. However, to start off these poems, a metaphor usually sets me off, and I expand the poem from there. That's the pattern which resounds each time I write poetry.

8. What are your goals for this poetry book?

I don't have so much of a goal, where reads and votes are concerned. I just strive for other people to relate and feel like they are not alone.

 By: Chatt3rb0x

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