surprises and dreams

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" did you even get over here when your injured" Sasuke asked surprised putting the kitsune down in a chair "I crawled" Naruto purred as he was put down on the chair "I'm surprised you even managed that" Sasuke teased "hey shut up I know I cant do one pushup but I can still crawl" Naruto pouted as Sasuke only laughed as he was punched in the arm softly "don't be made let me finish breakfast than I gotta head out to school know what never mind I'm taking you with me small guy" Sasuke says patting naruto's head "shut up" Naruto growled earning a chuckled from the uchiha.

While waiting everyone went to the table while Menma was the last one to go get to the table he was limping slightly "had fun last night" Kyuubi says smirking while Menma only blushed and did his best to sit down with sasukie's help "shut up" Menma says to his older brother.

"what did you two do last night" Sasukie asked his older brother "just talked and read a book together" Itachi says with out a second though while Kyuubi nodded not tell them about the talk they had cause that's gotta stay a secret.

"what about you Sasuke" Itachi asked his younger brother "nothing really we just went to bed" Sasuke slightly lied as he shrugged and naruto nodded in agreement "really now just slep you ight of done something" Menma says as naruto blushed, while Sasuke only shrugged "nope nothing at all we just went to sleep" Sasuke repeated the same little lie "Sasuke tell the truth" Itachi said "fine we cuddled" Sasuke says while going back to eating and helped naruto eat as well.

Soon it was time to get to to school as Sasuke was waiting patiently with naruto in his arms as he staired quiet but soon Sasukie and menma was ready to leave as they left.

While on there way to school they bumped into............

You guessed it.

Ino-pig and Forehead they mostly greeted them "hi Sasuke-kun" saskura says smiling while Sasuke groaned at the nickname and naruto just snuggled into Sasuke more and since he was small she could K-O him with one swing, if she wanted two "awww you brought him back I missed the little guy but where's naruto" she asked "well he's...."

"don't care" sakura says cutting Sasuke off as she took naruto from him and hugged the little guy who was wincing and wimpering wanting to be in sasukie's arms again and away from this beast that was breaking his ribs, until he passed out from her bone crushing hugged which ticked Sasuke off as the raven took naruto back and held him "you tick me off" Sasuke mumbled as he walked past the pink haired girl and left while ino tried to flurt with Sasukie only to get punched by menma  as he dragged his boyfriend away.

Once at school  naruto had finally woke up only to wince in pain as he snuggled into Sasuke more "i hurt" naruto wimpered his voice more child like "its ok I'm with you" Sasuke says putting his things away and went straight to his class room without looking back.

Being the first one there was no surprise for the raven as he sat down and put naruto infront of him as he looked at the small kitsune laydown on his belly and wince as he got up and went over to sasuke wanting to be picked up agian, by the Uchiha who only nodded and picked him up holding the boy in his arms as they stayed like that Naruto fell asleep in sasuke's arms as the bell ranged everyone entered the class room as the looked the uchiha looked to see his twin entered along with menma who sat down as well.

After a while Kakashi entered the class as he made up a story of why he was late though some belived him though who knew him welly rolled there eyes as him not impressed with there teacher as the class started.

As the day went by sasuke was even more protective of naruto for several reason and not wanting to leave naruto in a big school with a bunch of evil people well some are ok the rest are no untrustworthy of being or touching or, holding Naruto but a selected few who Sasuke could trust which was only about 2 or three or maybe 5 people probably but what ever mostly lets no one touch HIS naruto no matter what.

Soon luch roll by as sasuke sweared the next person to ever think of touch naruto in any shape or form he's gonna hurt them.

Soon as he was walking outside were he usually at his lunch at with his friends until some random dude who though he was sneaky enough as Sasuke jumped him into the wall before walking off like a freaking boss while, other people just laughed at the guy some looked at Sasuke wondering what ticked him off so much but no one bother asking him any way.

Sasuke sat down as naruto sat in his lap  he was so freaking tiny it was adorable and there was absolutly no way this uchiha wasnt gonna let no one hurt this little guy.

Soon Sasuke's friends/brother came over and sat down on the ground with him "hi guys" sasuke says as he opened his lunch box and handed naruto something to snack on even though it was to big for him to eat, but it was only an orange that already been pealed he just had to open the catainer for him "hi sasuke hows your day been" Sasukie asked with a big smirk on your face "shut up before i punch you face into a tree" sasuke groweld while his twin pretend to be hurt "why sasuke why would you say that to your own brother" he gasped.

Kiba chuckled "it seems everyone has been giving you a hard time huh Sasuke" he asked "yup".

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