Facing Him

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I straightened the collar of my expensive blouse that was part of my impeccable uniform. I was excited beyond words because this week was the purge and our academy was allowing us to prepare for it since the purge meant so much for everyone attending it.

As I adjusted my black knee socks and buttoned up my matching blazer I walked over to the awaiting limo and solemnly listened to classical music the entire ride to the academy.

Once arriving I walked out of the limo with my twin Jasper and walked in sync to our homeroom.

As we sat down quietly in our seats the teacher began to give instructions "Alright class since you all know the purge is coming up in a week the academy is allowing you all to prepare for it, so your purging stories are all detailed for your upcoming essay. You may sharpen any weapons, visit the gym for target practice, or make your masks. Happy purging and blessed be America" Mrs. Lubelia said urging us to get started.

Jasper and I began to make our masks which we were making out of delicate porcelain. Our hands moved swiftly yet precisely across the table organizing all the materials needed to shape and form our masks.

I remover my blazer and rolled up my sleeves while making sure my bun was intact. "Juhi" Jasper spoke without glancing my way. "Yes Jasper?" I responded while fixing my blouse so it was tucked into my skirt. "Will you get the sculpting knifes please?" He asked as I was already on my way.

A tall lanky yet lean figure was in front of the impressive collection of knifes and as I walked closer I realized it was Rhys, the perfect straight A student who was always so polite and quite popular with women.

Twirling a snow white strand of hair with a manicured finger and delicately tapping his arm with the other since I was so short I shyly said "Pardon me, but may I squeeze past you for a moment?". He whipped around with a dazzling wide smile that left me flushing lightly.

"Why of course my lady" he cooed while stepping aside while his eyes wandered to the swell of my chest and the milkiness of my exposed thighs. I felt my cheeks turn a light pink as I picked four different knifes that I found suitable for carving and detailing. As I turned to walk away a strong yet gentle hand wrapped around my waist spinning and pushing me flush against a muscular and warm chest. I gasped and with wide grey orbs stared into twinkling green ones filled with curiosity, wonder, and amusement. "You haven't told me your name sweetheart?" His voice sang yet demanded as he inched closer to my face.

"It's Juhi" I squeaked as I clutched onto his arms for support. His chuckle filled my ears and caused my heart to skip a beat. "What a lovely name princess. My name's Rhys a pleasure to meet you." He spoke ever so smoothly. 

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