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  ~Jess' POV~

  I slowly opened my eyes with a groan. What the heck happened? Last thing I remembered was Tim yelling about something and then Jin... Oh my gosh. I was probably as red as a tomato right now. Geez I can't believe I was so stupid as to almost getting hit by whatever that was. Wait a minute. My eyes shot open. "Is everyone okay!" I tried to yell, but my voice was only a whisper. I tried to push myself up but realized something was clinging to me. I looked down to see an unconscious Jin holding me as he slowly tried to open his eyes. I was definitely blushing now.

   "J-Jess?" Jin groaned as he slowly sat up, releasing me in the process. I heard groaning as everyone else in the area came to, although it was a little hard to see them with all the smoke in the air.

   "Okay, that was weird." I heard Nick say in the distance as he staggered over to us.

   "Oh sure, we get assaulted by a giant rock thingy in the sky and all you say is "that was weird"." I replied back. He simply scratched the back of his head as all the others walked up to us as well.

   "Well I'm still confused." Sky said bringing all the attention to him. "We go for like, twelve years thinking you three were dead! But, lo and behold, here you are now! And you didn't TELL ANYONE!" Sky was screaming by the end of that and trying to surprises his tears. He was obviously pained that three of our best friends had been alive and he didn't know it. I was upset too. Max, Shelby, and Ross only looked at us with pained eyes while Cory and Nick just tried to understand what was happening. Then, Tim spoke up.

"Actually. I knew they were alive." We all looked at him and all of a sudden, I turned back to the three of them and began yelling as well.

"So you trust Tim, the one who left you to DIE," I began before I could stop myself as Tim's eyes filled with tears as I said this. I wanted to take it back so bad, but I couldn't stop myself from continuing. "with you're little secret, and go live your happy little lives as wanted thieves and the whole village trying to capture you while the guard, one of them your friend, TRYING TO MURDER YOU! IS THAT WANT YOU WANTED!?" Jin grabbed my hand and snapped me out of my blind rage. I looked at everyone, Sky had tears brimming in his eyes as he glared at the three, Jin was looking at Tim and the others, Tim had his head down, Cory and Nick just stared in shock. But the worst of them all was probably Max, Shelby, and Ross. Shelby stared at me for awhile before breaking down crying while Ross had tear filled eyes as he quickly tried to comfort his cousin. And Max, Max just stood there looking numb. That's when it hit me, all this time, we were only thinking of ourselves, not really caring how they were dealing with this. How much had it hurt them to keep this from us? If they had revealed they had survived in public, the people that attacked the orphanage might go after them for ruining their attempts at murdering everyone. Or worse, they could have been hung for being "witches" or using magic. My angry expression switched to one of sadness. "G-guys, I-I'm so sorry I-" Max quickly snapped out of it and began to yell back.

"No, you know what? You guys are so selfish! "Oh Max, why didn't you say you were alive" "How can you trust Tim of all people" WELL I DON'T CARE! Do you think we wanted to keep this from everyone!? HECK NO! It was killing us inside to not tell you guys that we were alive, that you could come and talk to us anytime you needed. BUT WE COULDN'T! If we just suddenly returned from the dead we would have been killed on the spot! And you can yell at us all you want! But you leave Tim out of this." We all flinched at his violent tone. "He had nothing to do with any of this! He found out on his own because he's smarter than any of you idiots! Seriously, stealing a scarf, a squirrel hoodie, or one of our greatest thefts, A CROWN! You guys know what we like and yet none of you could price together the evidence but TIM! SO SHUT UP! YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT HE'S HAD TO DEAL WITH! Then you had to call us the bad guys for only doing what we had to to survive! You made Tim even more hurt than he already is, dragged two strangers into our personal life, and MADE SHELBY CRY!" Max suddenly stopped yelling and panted with tears flowing from his eyes and his hands clenched. We stood in silence until Jin finally spoke up.

"You're right." Max stopped clenching his fist and we all looked at him. He stood back up and waked over to Max. "We don't know how hard it was for you and we hardly even bothered to look for you. We're horrible friends and just jumped the blame on all four of you. None of you deserve to be yelled at. I'm sorry." Sky wiped his tears and quickly hugged the three of them while murmuring multiple apologize. I quickly joined in and the others all apologized as well as we shared a group hug.

~Cory's POV~

What in the world did we just get ourselves into. Well, I guess it doesn't exactly matter, at least these people finally decided to stop fighting. "Um Cory," Nick pointed to my wrist with a confused look, "what's on your arm?" I looked at my arm and quickly recoiled, there was a weird green bracelet thing with strange patterns all over it. There was also a gaping hole, like something was supposed to be in it. I looked at Nick's wrist and noticed the same thing, only white. I pointed it out to him and he looked at it and tried to pull it off. It didn't come off. We both panicked and I tried to pull mine off. It didn't come off. By now everyone was looking at us and noticed the same thing on their wrist. Sky's was gold, Jess' was orange, Jin's was blue, Ross' was grey, Max's was red, Tim's was black, and Shelby's was orange. They tried to pull theirs of as well. They didn't come off. We all began to panic.

"CORY!" I heard my name called from the edge of the woods and saw two people running up to us looking panicked.

And that's it. I'm happy with this turned out as I actually have an idea. So you guys obviously see that I didn't show who the two figures were at the end there but that's because I want you guys to decide. Obviously it's someone who knows Cory but you can choose who joins them on their adventure and then you can choose what their mythical spirit is after we find out who is joining.
Here are the choices (leave a comment saying who you want in):

Ashlie (for some awkward moments with Cory)


Tommy (for some good laughs and anchovies)

Or Uni (for him to be a little b**** about everything)

Have fun you guys, I appreciate your opinions, this is AdorbzKitsune, signing out.

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