Author's note.

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Assalam-o-alikum readers.

How are you all??

I'm glad that you like the prologue of my story. Your comments are very enough for me to tell that but some people are thinking that I'm stealing someone else work.

The ideas of the stories the characters,the scenes,the dialogue are purely mine and I want to say to all the authors that if their story ideas matches with mine somewhere then its not my fault. Its not like I'm plagiarising their work or anything. Since the day I have start writing I never got time to read. I can say the same if they have same scenes in their stories like I have.

My book YOURS is purely my own creation. No scenes or ideas are taken from other books and if anyone find them similar to other then it would be pure coincidence

This book is mine. I'm writing it with my own senses and mind so don't try to ruin it. This fiction is purely my own Creation which belongs to no other book.

I want my readers to support me in this. Hope you'll with me.

Keep reading...
Keep smiling...

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