AJ is skipping around the back looking for the Bella Twins. She finds them talking among themselves but quickly go silent when AJ approaches them.

"Hey girls," AJ greets them with a wide grin, but the Bellas don't respond to her, "Um, excuse me. I'm talking to both of you."

The Bellas turn to her, "What, AJ?" Brie says.

"I hope you two have a plan to take out Alissa and Stephanie tonight."

"The thing is AJ," Nikki says, "we heard what you said about us last week when you were leaving."

"Yeah, about us being 'dumb clones' and 'losers' which is not true."

"So from now on you deal with your own dirty work and leave us out of it."

The Bellas walk away from AJ as she begins to hyperventilate until she starts shouting at them, "You can't walk away from me, i'm the Diva's Champion!"

AJ Lee vs. Brie Bella w/ Nikki Bella

Brie and Nikki are in the ring waiting for AJ to make her way to the ring.

Let’s Light it up, light it up, light it up...

“And from Union City, New Jersey, she is the Diva’s Champion…A.J. Lee.”

AJ comes skipping down the ring. She gets in the ring and sits in between the ropes waiting for the bell to ring and the match begin.


I get crazy sometimes start losing my mind, I take it out on you. When it's my time and nothing is right I take it out on you...

AJ looks at the ramp to see Alissa coming down and then sees Stephanie coming through the crowd. They both crowd the ring causing the Bella Twins to exit the ring and leave AJ behind. Stephanie and Alissa enter the ring.

Stephanie has a microphone in her hand, "Don't worry, AJ. Alissa and I are not here to hurt you...yet anyways. But we are here to inform you that we just spoke to Vickie and she has agreed to our idea to have a match at Survivor Series."

Alissa takes the microphone, "The match is a tag team match, us against you and a partner of your choosing which could be a little difficult for you considering no one likes you but don't worry if you can't find a partner you can always face us in a handicap match."

Stephanie smiles, "So we want to wish you good luck on finding a partner."


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