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Hello! I think this picture killed me, and now I'm in the fade, but that's chill

-Some of you may know me from my Skyrim X Readers. That book was so popular I have decided to try my luck at a Dragon Age X Reader book!-

How to make a Request:

-State who you want the X Reader to be of. Examples: (Dorian X Reader; Solas X Mage!Reader, Alistair X Royal!Reader, etc...)

-if you want a different gender than what that characters sexuality is of, make sure to include that, or anything else important. Examples: (Sera X Male!Reader, Cassandra X Fem!Reader, Cole X Rogue!Reader, etc)

-if you have any ideas at all, that would be very helpful and you are more likely to get your request answered if you have an idea down with it. Even if it's just a little idea, anything is a help! I don't want writers block!

-comment below!


Things You Should Know:

-each X Reader is about 300-500 words (Give or take. Sometimes I get crazy and they'll be like 1,000)

-I won't be able to answer everyone's requests, sorry!

-some X Readers have more than one part

-If I don't get the character right, I am sorry! I will try though!

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