Chapter 6

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"Harper!" Reese yelled running up next to the girl, she looked at him with sleepy eyes before giving him a smile.

"Yes, Reese?" She asked opening her locker, Reese smiled pulling out blue prints.

"I have the blue prints for the prank machine." He said proudly as he let the paper open showing math equations and measurements, Harper was impressed she always thought that Reese was a dim bulb.

"Wow, Reese," She exclaimed grabbing the paper and examining it, "I didn't know you were this smart, no offense." She said quickly, Reese nodded.

"None taken." Malcolm stood from his locker watching the two as his anger boiled up and down, Stevie was there too feeling sorry for his friend.

"I swear he's tricking her, maybe a potion." He said turning to Stevie who shook his head.

"He's...... too...... dumb...... to...... make..... a..... potion." He simply said, Malcolm banged his head against his locker catching the attention of everyone in the hallway except Harper and Reese.

Reese walked home in a joyous mood and stepped into his room humming a happy tune until he saw Malcolm sitting in the dark room by himself.

"What the hell?!" He yelled out, Malcolm rolled his eyes at his older brother.

"Reese, I know you're tricking Harper," He said, Rees raised an eyebrow before shaking his head, "You want her to build that machine that I wasn't going to make for you!" He yelled out, Reese grabbed his brother by the shirt.

"Malcolm, had it ever occurred to you that maybe I like hanging out with Harper?" He asked, Malcolm shook his head.

"No way, you hate her cause she's my best friend." He said, just then Dewey walked in with two concert tickets which he slammed on the desk.

"If anyone cares my concert is tonight and I got you all tickets." And with that he walked out headed to the Day household, Reese let go of Malcolm's shirt.

"I don't hate Harper, I actually like her a lot." He said, Malcolm gave a sharp gasp.

"Well, I'm her best friend, you can't just steal her away!" He yelled, Reese smiled at his brothers selfishness.

"Dude, you didn't remember her birthday, I bet you don't know her favorite color." He said crossing his arms, Malcolm thought for a moment.

"That's not true, i-it's hot pink." He burst out, Reese made a sound with his mouth that could only be described as a wrong answer buzzer.

"Her favorite color is orange, see I know her better than you do."

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