13- Recovery

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Artemis' PoV:

I stood up from my seat with tears in my eyes when I sensed that the fight was over. Then suddenly, Perseus fell down and for a second, my heart stopped beating... The crowd went silent and then I heard Poseidon shout out to Apollo. I got over from my shock and immediately got hold of Apollo, who was sitting beside me, and flashed the two of us to where Perseus was. I knelt down next to him just as he closed his eyes. Then, I grabbed Apollo by the shirt and looked at him with fire in my eyes, making him turn pale.

"Heal him!" I shouted at him. He wasted no time and started to examine Perseus, concentration evident on his face. Then, he looked back at me grimly.

"He is in a very serious condition, I need to take him to my palace." Apollo said nervously and prepared to flash him and Perseus away but I stopped him.

"I'll come with you." But he slowly shook his head.

"I'm sorry Artemis but it's something I need to do on my own." Then he flashed the both of them away. I just stayed there for awhile, frozen and not knowing what to do. Then suddenly a warm hand gently touched my shoulder.

"Artemis..." I looked up to find Hestia smiling reassuringly down at me, but there was also a hint of sadness in her face. "He'll be okay. You have to have faith in him. For now, let's wait outside Apollo's palace." I stood up and followed her silently.

We arrived outside Apollo's palace to find Poseidon with a grim face, walking back and forth. When he saw us, he walked over to us.

"Artemis, what did Apollo say about Perseus?" He asked me urgently.

"Apollo said that he is in a very serious condition." I looked down not wanting to see the reaction on his face.

He roared in rage. "I will kill that coward! How dare he do this to Perseus?! My patience with him has been already stretched to the limit!"

"Poseidon," Hestia said soothingly. "There is no use of that now. Besides, Ares is already injured badly enough. What we can do now is help Perseus get well." Poseidon calmed down a little bit.

Suddenly, a bright golden flash illuminated the palace and made us jump back in surprise. I couldn't hold back anymore so I charged into the palace. The palace was just like a hospital and had many rooms. I searched each and every one of them but I couldn't find Perseus. Then, another golden flash illuminated the palace making my legs turn to jelly. But I knew the way now. With grave determination, I went upstairs and found a large door that glowed. Without hesitation, I opened the door and what I saw shocked me. Perseus was still unconscious on a white bed but his body was floating a few inches above the bed and was transparent. He was also only in his boxers but this time, I didn't mind it. Apollo turned around and looked at me with annoyance. His face looked so weary and pale. I rushed over to where he was and shook him.

"Apollo! Tell me the detailed truth! What happened to Perseus?!" I asked him. He sighed.

"He has used too much power and his body could not handle it. He may be a god but he is very close to death or even fading into oblivion." I just stared at him with shock. Then I shook my head.

"He can still survive! What can I do to help?" I asked him.

"I'm trying to restore his powers and get him into a stable condition but my power is not enough. It'll need both of our godly essences." He looked at me wearily. I nodded at him with determination. He smiled at me slightly and held his hands over Perseus' unconscious body. I followed him and together we concentrated. Then, we shot a silver and golden beam at Perseus which combined into one powerful beam that enveloped Perseus' body. A powerful shockwave traveled out of his body and the room turned bright. Then his body turned solid again and he fell on the bed. I sighed with relief and fell on my knees beside his bed because I felt so weak from the effort. I looked eagerly at his face but seeing that he was still not awake, I looked questioningly at Apollo who was already droopy.

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