12- Duel

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Percy's PoV:

What I just did amazed me so much. But I forgot about it all when I faced Artemis and saw her tear streaked face. It made my chest feel hollow and uncomfortable which I didn't know why. I smiled at her so that she'll at least scold me or something as long as she would stop crying. Then she came at me and slapped my arm.

"What were you thinking, idiot?!" She said in between sobs. "You could get killed! You know that Ares is a whole lot better than you in fighting!" I just smiled at her.

"I know. That's why I'll try my best so that you can be free." She frowned at me.

"Stop acting so noble! I can handle my problems and I don't want you getting killed because of it!" She was starting to get back to her old self and it made me happy.

"So are you gonna rant about this all day or are you going to help me?" She just rolled her eyes. Then she grabbed my arm and flashed us away. We appeared in a sort of armory.

"This is Camp Half Blood's armory." Artemis said. "It's not as better as Ares' weapons and armor but it can help you stay alive for a few minutes.

"Few minutes?! Do you want me to die?" I looked at her in annoyance and suprisingly, she smiled.

"Yeah but I need you to stay alive this time." She said softly. I huffed.

"Let's just train." But before I could go, she stopped me by dragging my arm.

"I don't think you should. You have already trained enough. I just brought you here to show you. For now, rest. You'll need it." She said with concern laced in her voice. I sighed.

"Fine. But... I don't have a place to stay at..." I said to her with embarassment.

"Poseidon's cabin would be the best. I should go now Perseus." Then, we made eye contact which made me feel nervous. "And, thank you." She smiled slightly and flashed away. I was surprised by her sudden change of attitude but I knew that it wouldn't last. So, I just made my way to Poseidon's cabin.


The next morning, I was woken up by the sudden sound of waves clashing against the shore. When I sat up on my bed, I found Poseidon smiling down at me. I immediately used my powers to freshen myself up.

"Perseus! I just stopped by to wish you luck in the duel." His smile fell and he became nervous. "I know Ares is hard to defeat so I just wanted to give you some advice. Remember that you can find water everywhere and anywhere so use it to your advantage." I scratched the back of my head. I didn't really know how that would help in my fight but I smiled at him,

"Thanks dad. Uh... I'll remember that."

"And another thing, Hestia wanted me to remind you of the powers she gave you." My face brightened up. I really had a good advantage now since I had a lot of powers. Lucky me.

"Oh yes. I remember that too. Thank you so much for helping me." I told him.

"Perseus, I'm sorry that I cannot help you more but I'll try my best to give you strength." Then he patted my back. "Goodluck son." He smiled at me and flashed away. Then, I went out of the cabin and started to prepare for the duel.

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I flashed myself to the arena since it was already 3:50 pm. Some Hephaestus kids helped me get the best armor. Even Luke gave me a shield which could be folded like a hand fan, the type Asians use, when not in use. I have decided to use Riptide since I was good in swordsmanship and as I was practicing some moves, Ares appeared. He was fully covered with heavy and durable armor and was holding a spear with a Celestial Bronze tip and a shield. He looked like a giant and next to him, I was as tiny as an ant.

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