To Hell and Back - 13 | iv

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Penny found herself hesitating. She knew what needed to happen, but she didn't want to leave Marx's side. Her reluctance was coming from a deep-seated fear Penny had of losing someone else she loved. After Lochlan died, the grief was enough to break a part of her causing her to change into what she was. She was a werewolf but not. She knew it, and the others did too. She had already lost so much that if Marx were also to fall the last bit of light inside of her would die with him. He was a good man. Even after she brought hell storming into his life, he accepted her as part of his family. She knew another member of her pack was dead, whom it was Marx didn't say. It had to be someone close. Shea? Helick? Garrick? She would find out once she got to the Mountain.

Unable to communicate with Marx she placed a hand over his heart. Through her eyes, she allowed him to see her, as he knew her.

"You won't lose me," Marx said to her.

She held on to his promise as she did to him when he changed, taking her into his arms. More than all the others, Marx was home. A familiar link to a past life. She pulled away, taking a step back as he changed to his human form.

"Make them bleed."

At his words, Penny smirked. Could shadows bleed? Probably not, but they could die. As she went through the dome, they targeted her. Drawing for her soul. She could feel the tug, the sucking pull of them trying to dislodge the essence of whom she was. It didn't work. Her soul remained grounded in its place. She ripped the shadows apart streaking after Daniel and his secondary pack. Sven's pack. It was perplexing to know the man existed, even if in body alone, and not shove her fist into his chest. Her hatred for the man lived and breathed inside of her. Her grief gave birth to the wrath that tainted her as the change took hold.

It wasn't long before she caught up with Daniel and the others. Her mind went to Ava. The woman told her of a plan. One that would see Penny being whole again. Ava needed to live. She needed to get the Book of Shadows. Everything rested on her and that book. What the rest of them had to do was stay alive and keep each other safe.

The shadows used themselves as projectiles, rocketing towards Penny. Since they could not render her soulless, they came at her to cause physical injury. Penny allowed her anger to feed her strength.

A high pitch screech greeted them as they drew closer to the entry point of the dome. Located on the flatter base of the Mountain the spot was accessible by an unpaved road. Once it was in view, they saw the four beasts that were pounding against the shield. Flipped over on its roof some meters away was a minivan. There was no one inside. Shadows rained down from above also banging against the shield of the dome. Even though the enemy didn't make a dent, they kept going.

From what Penny could tell, the structure was uncompromised. That left her with one other theory. The others had come out to assist whoever had been in the minivan. In doing so, one of them lost their life. She remembered her own tangling with a gollum. They hadn't stood a chance, and they should have known that. Not that it would have made a difference. Helping others was so ingrained in all of them they would risk their lives to get it done.

Sven's men led the charge. In a matter of minutes, three of them were killed. Daniel tried to go up against the monsters with the magic he could tap into, but he was not strong enough. Penny growled moving towards the creatures.

Coming from the direction of Pentorium Penny heard a roar; she stopped in her tracks swiveling to look behind her. The sound pierced through the night. Above her, the sky changed. It was imperceptible at first. Random sparks of blue light flashed in the sky over the distance. Soon the flashes of light became more frequent. Shadows no longer rained down, a new fight raging over their heads. None of the others noticed as the battle intensified on the ground.

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