s*t*a*r*s 6 - pt 86

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            Jo purses her lips.  “No, Spencer doesn’t rely on me like Rylee relies on you.  She’ll deal with it in her own way.  Actually we should let them deal with it.  Us going over there is just telling them that we don’t think they can things on their own.  Let them use this as a lesson.”

            Emma stands toe to toe with Jo, slaps her hand on Jo’s forehead.  “Hey!” says Jo. 

            “Fever.  Definitely a fever.  Who are you and where is my Jo Wheaton?” says Emma. 

            Jo smiles and cups Emma’s face, bringing her nose to Emma’s.  “Right here.  I want Spencer to learn how to deal with adversity they will have a long way to go in life if we do all the fighting for them.”

            Emma scrunches up her nose.  “When did you get to be so level headed and smart?”  She kisses Jo lightly on the lips.  “You’ve changed.”

            “In all my years of demon hunting taught me to be patient and plan.”  Jo steps away from Emma and plops down in her chair.  “I want to look into the rapist case again.”

            Emma turns and goes back to her desk, taking off her shoes, removing her gun, and then taking off her jacket.  She looks over at Jo, thinking that Jo really has changed.  Maybe even for the better.




            The rest of the first day, which they have no class, but move into their rooms wears on, Tegan trudges into the room first, Spencer was going to the Topaz dorm to see Rylee.  She’d had to go bleed off some energy into the ocean because her eyes were a furious glow of amber and blue after they’d left Natalie’s office. 

            “Hi,” says Tegan oddly as she enters the room.  A girl wearing dark clothes and has dark hair and piercing green eyes looks up from her place on what used to be Rylee’s bed. 

            “Hi, Daisy Hefler,” she says.  “I’m your new roomie.  I heard from a few outside that there was another girl here before, I got the lowdown already.”

            “Tegan Larkin,” says Tegan.  She can’t be mean to her; it isn’t her fault that Natalie is being a douche.  She is sure that Spencer has some grand scheme to make this right, but she isn’t sure she wants any part in it. 

            “Nice to meet you, I took the only bed that was free, so I figure I’m not stepping on anyone’s toes.”

            Sydney comes barreling into the room.  “You didn’t tell me Matt plays the drums!”  She playfully slaps Tegan’s arm and then sees someone else is in the room.  “Oh, hi, Sydney Doyle.”

            “Hiya,” says Daisy.  Her eyes flutter over Sydney, giving her hungry sexy look.  “Drummer?”

            “Yeah, Spencer and I play music, but it would be nice to have a drummer, you neglected to tell me, are you afraid that we’ll lure Matt into spending time with us?” asks Sydney.  She spots the guitar case next to Daisy’s bed.  “You play?”

            Daisy nods.  “My aunt Harley taught me.  She has a band…”

            “Ebony Dawn!” says Sydney stepping around Tegan now.  “No way, man you must be able to belt out a tune.”

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