Doctor, Doctor, There's a Baby Inside me, Obviously

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"I don't wanna go. I wanna go home and sleep," I groan, looking out the window of the car with a sigh, "I already know the thing is real and there, I don't need this."

His hand is placed on my knee. "Maya, I know you wanna go home but we get to see our baby and find out when our baby is going to be born."

I shrug my shoulders with a frown on my face. "I don't fucking care."

Lucas doesn't respond to me, the only sound is his sigh and that makes me sigh as well, still looking out the window.

Yes, today we go see the doctor for the very first time and I do not want to. Like what's he gonna do? Look at me and confirm I'm pregnant, 'cause I know bitch. I don't need no doctor right now.

Do I have to be all like, Doctor, Doctor there's a baby inside me and the doctor just gonna be like, obviously. Like what the hell do I need this for?

But I'm forced to go because apparently I get to see the little thing in me because of some slime shit they put on my stomach, I don't fucking know.

The silence is then broken while we're stopped at a red light. "Listen, I know you don't think you need a doctor but they can make sure our baby is healthy and developing properly. You care about that, I know you do."

"Who said I care about this thing?" I know damn well I'm lying, "I don't."

"You care about our baby and you love him or her," Lucas responds, "Don't lie to yourself, beautiful."

"Ok, ok, fine," I groan, sighing, "Maybe I do care about this thing and love this thing but ya know why? Only 'cause it's made by you and I love you."

"Do you know how much I love you?" Lucas takes in a deep breath, "Even when you're a bitch for no reason, I still love you more than anything else."

Sadness enters me for some reason. "I'm not trying to be a bitch. You know I can't help it! I'm sorry!"

I cover my face with my hands, beginning to cry my eyes out. Over the sound of my cries, I hear Lucas sigh then he pulls the car over to the side of the road.

While still crying like a baby, I'm unbuckled from my seatbelt and lifted out of my seat and into my husbands lap by him.

"Shhhhh, shhhhhh," he holds me close, "No need to cry, darling."

"I don't mean to be a bitch!" I sob into his chest

Lucas strokes my hair, holding my head against his chest knowing that I always calm down by hearing his heartbeat. "I know, baby, you're not a bitch. It's ok."


Ok, I'm not gonna lie by saying the only reason why I don't want to be here is because I don't really have a need to.

I mean, it's defiantly one of the reasons but the main reason is because I'm so fucking terrified. Like I'm in the waiting area with Lucas right now and I look around and there's all these experienced women with huge bumps and I feel like a little child.

It's so scary. "Can we please just go, babe? I'll give ya the best blowjob I can if we go right now and ditch this damn doctor."

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