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Pen Your Pride

Dear Tiergan,

Hi, my name is Elizabeth, but everyone calls me Izzy. So I’m supposed to be writing to you for this stupid project my school is doing. ‘Letters To Troubled Kids’ or some shit like that. Wait. Am I allowed to swear in this thing….? Oh well, it’s not like their actually going to read this thing anyway. So anyway I’m supposed to ask you questions like what’s your favorite color and what do like to do in your free time and other lame questions like that along with telling you about myself so here we go.

1: My name is Elizabeth (as said above)

2: I live in Chicago

3: I think this project is incredibly lame

Well I hoped you learned something valuable (:

Love, Izzy


 Dear Izzy,

First of all I am not a troubled kid. I am just a kid who just happened to get caught because of some idiot who snitched on me hence the situation I am in now.  The stupid detention center is also obviously making us do this project hoping that writing to you will ‘open our eyes so we can see the light of good and correct our wrongs.’ And yes, they seriously said that.  Oh and they actually read our letters, probably afraid that we’ll get you to help us break out of here or something cause we are so evil and devious minded >:D. Anyway nice little info you shared with me, I’ll store it in the box in my head labeled ‘Useful information that I’ll use later in life’

So since they already think this is going to happen….

Will you come rescue me?(:

Love, Tiergan :P 


Hey guys! I hope you enjoy my new story! This will be written in letter format so the chapters won't be long and will be updated frequently. Hope you enjoy!

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