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*Hint - For the AN question down below.
This character died before Age of Ultron. They were creepy but you loved them anyways (well I did)


3rd POV

A desperate gasp is the only thing heard as soon as Merly opens her eyes.

She immediately squints her eyes repeatedly in confusion as to why she can't see anything. For a moment she thinks that maybe she might have gone blind, so she calls out for Steve.
"Steve? Steve?!!!"

She calls out his name a few more times, before she realizes that there is no echo coming back. Either she has gone blind and deaf or she's in a box. A coffin to be precise.

The truth finally dawns on her. "Oh no, no, no." She mumbles as she turns her head but the movements are hard to do since she still has the helmet on, that Death gave her.

She squirms around the coffin in an attempt to remove the helmet, after a few tries she manages to slide it off her also styled hair that she woke up with before meeting Death.

Her breaths start getting more ragged and difficult to take because her space has now limited her movement, causing her to be claustrophobic. Which is something she has hated all her life. Well past life?

"Help Me! Please! Someone Help Me!" She yells out desperately. What is the point of being brought back to life if you're going to suffocate in a coffin?

Suddenly, she recalls a certain moment when Clint was training her and he happened to mention that if she was ever trapped anywhere that she had to jump as far as she could in order to disrupt the balance.

Holding her helmet between her hands above her head, she bends her knees as much as she can and prepares to launch herself upwards. "This better work Barton." She mutters right before jumping.

Althought it's dark, she feels around to know if any helpful damage has been made. Ripped cloth and wooden splinters graze her trembling fingers.
She continues this process for a couple of minutes til she actually feels the coffin now vertically closer to the surface.

Above ground, the area surrounding her very own 10ft tall glass "headstone" begins to crack with every shift in the ground underneath it. The roses surrounding begin fleeing the area gracefully.

Like a horror flick, her hand emerges from beneath the roses and grasps at the only light gifted by the full moon above.

Once again...
The Raven has returned.


So in order to successfully bring someone back to life with the Golden Globe of Life , you have to take someone else's life with the equivalent power as the recently deceased.

Anyone know who could've died in her place ????
-Comment who you think it might be. (Take in mind that she lost her infrared vision and echo-location hearing)
If you guess correctly you'll get a small cameo in the sequel ARCANE which is now up !!!

ARCANE will be about the Civil War !! yay!!

Thank you to everyone who has been reading this story from the beginning and has voted. It means a lot to me 😊

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