Aunt cass

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Hiros POV (Cause apparently that's the only point of view I'm capable of doing)

              We dashed down the stairs, two steps at a time. We swung around he corner to see our aunt Cass crying. What happened?! Tadashi kneeled down next to her, checking her out; "Are you okay?"

"T-The kids! Their g-gone!" She clutched her chest, leaning agents Tadashi; "I've failed as a... Grand aunt... Or... I failed! I've failed to protect your little children and now their both dead and I'm in the debts of dispar!" She rested her wrist agents her forehead dramatically; "Hiro dear, get me a donut."

I did as she said, and commence the stress eating. Tadashi hugged her, Nd I joined in; "It's not your fault, but the kids..." My voice cracked and tears began to fill my eyes. Tadashi noticed and continued; "They where kidnapped, and we're going to do everything we can to find them."

She gasped, stuffing the entire donut into her mouth; "No!" Her voice was muffled. I shook my head, standing up again. I looked out the café window, my cheeks staining with tears. I glanced over at my husband, falling to my knees and wrapping my arms around him. He hugged me back, shushing me and telling me everything would be okay.

But will it be?

I had all these terrible thoughts in my head, filling me with worry. What if we never see them again? I sniffled, the crying has triggered the runny nose. I whipped away all the liquids flowing from my face, feeling overwhelmed with worry.

"Everything will be okay." Tadashi told me quietly. I nodded, snuggling into his chest as we all sat together behind the café counter, reassuring each other.

A/N sorry for the short chapters, it's all I can manage here. At least it's something, right? Don't forget to comment and vote!

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