Crybaby bitches

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Hey ya! It's Christmas break who ready to turn up for the holidays ayee! Ok but anyway this chapter is about these crybaby bitches that be pissing me off. Ok so me and my friends have this lil clique we made together and it's cool but it can be a little overwhelming cause like we all have out different personalities. So it's this new girl in the group we'll call her dee Im not going to say names. So dee is a sneak disser,a fake, and she is annoying as hell. If it was up to me she wouldn't have even been in the equation. But anyway we was at school and the teacher says to work on our projects on the laptops. Now being the bad girl that I am I do something else besides the project so me and my friends liyah (no names) get on urban dictionary to look up the word ratchet and on the side where it gives you similar words. And the  word ratchet swag pops up(look it up on urban dictionary) so me and my friends thinks it's funny so we decided to make that the word of the day. Back to dee she is a really big shit talker but is such a punk ass bitch. Me and my friends decided to use it on dee first so this is what happened....

Liyah: dee come here

Dee: huh?

Liyah and me: dee you got that ratchet swag (laughs)

Dee: what does that even mean?!

Liyah: look it up...(laughing still)

Dee: ya trying to say Im dirty or something?!


Dee: whatever cause ya always talking stuff about somebody!!(walks to seat)

Me: girl we was just playing with you. You always getting serious...(smh)

Dee: shut up talking to me!

Liyah: just calm down gg. She ain't worth it.

Me: nawh she want to get mad cause she got ratchet swag!

So we go back to the computer until our other friend Jay tells us she crying! And Im like is you serious we was only playing with her what the fuck is she crying for like for real!

Indie: what ya make her cry for?

Liyah: we didn't do nothing to her all we said was she had ratchet swag and we was just playing!

Indie: (laughs)

Me: exactly think it's funny but she feels she should cry. I mean she had some worse things said to her and never cried like this. So I don't give a fuck.

Jay: what's wrong Dee?

Dee: (whispers)

Indie: she said she crying cause of gg...! What did I do liyah said it first!

Liyah: no we both said it.

Me: we'll I don't care cause that ain't nothing to cry over for real.

So after all that later on she said she wanted to punch liyah in her face. And Im like bitch sit yo lil punk ass down somewhere you ain't going to do shit. And did she do it.....NOPE! Liyah was all in her face but Dee was scared and walked away from her and liyah followed her but she still didn't swing though. So it's another part to this story too but I'll save that for another chapter tomorrow. I want to know how do you feel about the situation,.do you think we're bullies or do you think Dee needs to grow some balls...I mean let me know Lhh :-P

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