I'm low on gas, and you need a jacket

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Sorry this took so long guys...
Andy's POV: so, mom got a call and now she's pacing around the house, dad is trying to calm her, but nothing really is working.
Andy: Mom, Dad, what are you so worked up about?
Demi: Well, babe, I got a call from bad people about you... but all of our jobs are to protect you from harm in any way we can.
Andy: Who's the bad people? (That explains why everyone's having a stakeout in the karaoke room...)
Derek: Your Mom's Ex Wilmer, and Jason Lancaster are the main ones
Andy: oh shit, dangerous... We need to do something and fast.
The three of us walk/wheel to the karaoke room where the rest of the family, and my girlfriend are staying.
Andy: Ok guys, Who has a plan so I don't die just yet?
Alex: more security everywhere, you can't be alone.
Andy: so, were gonna mess with guns?
Ash: correction, we are gonna mess with guns as adults and men of this house, you and Jenna are gonna get driven around for a while to anywhere by Demi.
Andy: thanks mom.
Demi: your welcome sweetheart, just tell me where.
Jenna: kareoke?
Andy: yeah! Can dad, uncle kellin and uncle Dave come too?
Derek, kellin, Dave: anything you want kid.
Andy: yay!
(They leave)
(At the karaoke place)
Demi: you all have your songs picked?
All of them: nope.
Demi: I do, so I'm gonna show you losers how it's done. (Smirk)
(Sings kelly clarkson)
Derek: I got mine! Andy, this song is for you, i know how much you like it. (sings even robots need blankets) (Andy also sang some songs and they went on)

The times have never been better with my parents or my girlfriend, but how wrong we were...

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