I write sins, not tragedies

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Andy's POV:

"hola muchacho" Wilmer said mischeviously, me and the rest of the family were stunned. How the hell did he get out?

"Well i'll tell you. after your little bitch of a mother left me and jailed me for abuse, i met Lancaster and ever since then we've been planning on killing you." Wilmer said with a smug look. "You bastard..." Mom said

"So, what are we gonna do now?!" Jenna exclaimed.

"What we do when everything hits the ceiling, have a plot twist sing off."

"Oh god..." mom exclaimed.

"Sure thing, kid. What song?" Lancaster questions.

"I write sins, not tragedies" I smirk. Bet those guys didn't see that coming.

"Well start off"

We battle and I kick their asses, then they decide to get cocky and have a fist fight. I quickly dispose of the two nincompoops and run to the car where the rest were waiting.

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