I stood frozen, holding my cheek replaying all that's happened in the past five minutes. I closed my eyes letting the tears fall. I looked around the room and it was small, with one window but had metal bars behind it. A single bed off in the corner and a desk on the opposite wall.

"I told you she's worthless!" I heard voices yelling close by. "She's not even worth it anymore!"

"She's basically useless!"

"Maybe we should get rid of her!"

"How could I love something like that!?"

Those voices, those words. They were all in my dream. In that moment it all came back to me. Those words must have knocked something loose because I remembered exactly what happened.


Today was the day I was scheduled for a visit and trial run. I've been to so many and none have ever worked out. Basically the family gets to know me and we spend a few hours outside the home for a test run and if it doesn't work out I return here and never see them again.

The Taylor's were the newest family to take interest in me but after the meeting they seemed less interested and more focused.

"You have two hours." Mrs. White gave Margaret a small paper and went back into her office. "Come on Spencer let's go." She took my hand and Jim opened the door to their car. I hopped in and buckled myself. Jim pushed down on the gas petal hard taking off down the street. "Where are we going?"

Margaret turned around in her seat looking at me. "We have a house here in Toronto and we're going to spend some time together." I shyly nodded, accepting the day that's about to play out. I've done it countless times so what should make this time different? I'm not wanted by any family, no matter how nice.

About 20 minutes later we reached a nice suburban home surrounded by forest. "And were here." Margaret sang as she opened the door.

"Come on we have some stuff to do." I noticed that both had scanned the area seeing if anyone was around. Once we entered the house and Jim closed the door Margaret grabbed my arm shoving me against a wall. "Listen here kid. We're not your mommy and daddy and we never will be. You're here for one purpose only. To be our shiny new toy to show off to the world." She tightened her grip around my arm making me whimper. "You're not going to tell anyone understand?" I nodded quickly not making any eye contact. "Now come here!" She yanked my arm pulling me down the hallway. Jim was nowhere in sight not caring at all. "You're going to stay down there until times up." She opened a door to the basement and I looked at the daunting steps.

"Oh and by the way, your adoption will be finalized tomorrow." And with that Margaret threw me down the stairs. I barely remember falling but the pain in my side I do remember. One of the stairs had cut my side open and it was bleeding. I managed to find some towels and wrap it up so no one could tell.

After the two hours Margaret came back and pulled me up the stairs. She noticed the blood stain when I tried to hide it. "What's that?" I hung my head low. "You little Shit!" She pulled my shirt up revelling the mark. "Now what are we going to do!" I was pulled into the nearest bathroom. Margaret took a cloth and started wiping off the blood. No one said a word as she quickly wrapped it up pulling my shirt down.

"Remember you tell no one or else we'll make your life a living hell." Her eyes were burning with rage. "Okay."

It wasn't until I was back at the home and in bed did it hit me how much trouble I was in. My whole life is going to be dedicated to some rich and famous couple who only want to show me off. My side was absolutely killing me and I wasn't sure what to do about it. Mrs. White couldn't care less.

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