the Lost Givin Soul

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**Bills POV still**

as i walk from The band Rehearsal i Go to my house and grab a couple  things. First i grab the sheet with the song Lyric in my head. i grab my Jacket and Go. i didn't Even know where to Begin. i Started looking in places i have never been. its been 5 hrs Since i started looking for her I'm now in a part of The city Where the Gangs Roll. i was Frightened. Then i hear whispers,i jump. it was Coming Around a Corner From an Alie Way. i peep my head over. it was lyric. i stare at her. she was Whispering Negative things to her self.

"my life is worthless i deserve to die i Hate ME!" i hear her say. she was cutting. with a broken bottle of Vodka it look like. a Tear Ran Down my Face.She must feel like she lost Everything i think To my Self. NO!...i don't care if Hates me!! I'm not gonna lose Her!i walk around the corner and sat next to her. she didn't acknowledge me. she was Wearing a black Shirt Whit and black Tights and a black tu-tu.

"Lyric!" i say sternly but yet Gentle. she looked up and Jumped when she saw me.

"shoo" she sobbed.

"no! stop this nonsense." she shook her head.

"I'm Stupid i never meant to hurt ANYONE I'm completely useless why do i even bother to live." she cried into her knees.

"BECAUSE THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO CARE AND IF U DIE....." i stop talking realising to things. one i was talking loudly and two.....i could never Tell HER how i feel.

"WHAT! what would happen if i die!" she exclaimed. i put my head down.

"i would die." she stares at me Confused.

"Lyric.....i love u."

"ummhm yea Wheres ur brother this is hysterical." she said sarcastically.

"no we may be Twins but where nothing alike Cant You Tel: by the Way we dress Yes i love him but i Really wish he had more respect for U and he Stop doing wat he dose."i Explain she sniffeled. and look at me and said.

"but how can you love me?"

" the 8th grade i knew u Where different......Just had Trouble..


*Lyric* "So we have 2 more min Before Homeroom?"

*Friend* "Yea....Lets Go." so Lyric and her Friends Head To there First Class in room 130. Lyric, Jezebel ,Matt,ringered,and Paneeneei Sit Near A group of Boys. The bell Rings and Class began.

"Hello Hello. 8th graders Welcome to Your last year of gramer school, I'm Your Homeroom teacher Mrs. gretomier.since This is a class of homework and Study and its the first day of school ill let You Chat." and with that She left.

*Lyric* This will be the Most Epic Year EVER we are the Top notchers and WE rule the school."

**Matt "You owe me a kiss still."

*Ringered* "Yeah and you owe me a little loving." he said puckering up.

*Bill* "excuse me Mame but do you know Where Room 555 is?" he Asks lyric.

*Mrs.gretomier* "Roll call friska.(here) himmer,....(Hallo)

*Jessabell* "theirs no room 555 idiot."

*bill* "i believe i was talking to her." Points to Lyric

*Mrs.gretomier* Bill (here) Tom(here) Gustav(here) Georg(here)"

*Lyric* "um.....i don't know."

**bill OK.."

*Tom* "hey sexy...." Lyric stares at him.

*bill* "Hmmmm i like her."

*Tom* "Who her she ain't all That."

*bill* "Well shes......Different...i want her.....Mich liebe"

**Three months later in first hour**

*georg* "hi."


*Georg* Whats your name?"

*Lyric*"Lyric. your Georg Right?" Georg nods.

"Your Cute."

*Georg* "Thanks u you wanna go out sometime maybe?"

*Lyric* "umm hmm."

*Georg*"Cool u wanna go to one of my Concerts?"

*lyric*"You're in a band!"

*Georg*" yes" Lyric nods

"Cool ill see you thrs day @ 8." Lyric nods.


**bills POV**

"and when you stared picking up on the way tom acts you stared blowing me off. but i knew you. where Mich liebe."

"What?" Lyric says... i forgot she was From america but she should know How to say i love u in German.

"ich liebe dich Mich liebe?"

"huh" she says scooting away.

"Do you know German?" i ask

"yes." she ancers

"do u know how to say..i love u."she shook her head no.

"ok." she stood up and began walking away.

"do you even live around here?" she sat down in the middle of the road.


"WHAT!" She stood up and scream then there was Screaming and then a blast and Lyric was down.

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