Loki x Reader : Something Warm

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When you opened the door.

He glared at you.

'I thought my stupid brother is here.'

You raised your eyebrows.

'He's here. You want to find him?'

'Why would I find him?' He mocked.

'Then bye.'

You said, and ready to closef the door.


He said, and grabbed your wrist.

You only felt coldness.

'Ugh. Don't tell me, you want something warm.'

He said in a serious way.

'Let me in, no destruction.'

You stared for a few seconds.

'Fine. But Don't you dare touch anything.'


He sat on the couch, looking up at you.

'Give me something to warm me up Mortal.'

You glared at him.

'Fine. PLEASE miss L/N, can you give me something to warm me up?'

You waved your hands, a table appeared in front of Loki, with some plates on it, on the plates, there were some pancakes and eggs.

Another wave, two mugs appeared.

You sat down next to him.

'So that's eat?'

He asked.

'You want more? Go get yourself.'

You said, and ate your pancakes.

'But I'm sure if you ain't going to eat, I'm sure I'll eat them all.'

He glared at you, but took the mug and drank the chocolate.


That was how your day start.


Usually, after he ate his 'Free' breakfast.

He would leave quickly.

But this time, he didn't.

'You are not going to leave my house?'

You asked, wore a brown coat.

'Nope. I'm still cold.'

'You know. You aren't scare of cold, infact you are an Ice.'

'Oh Darling, you clearly hit right point.'

He teased.


'But I'm really cold.'

You waved your hands again, a blanket appeared on Loki, covered his face.

'Mortal! Get that thinv off me!'

'You said you cold, now I give you.'

'That's not what I mean!'

He yelled, pulled the blanket off his head.

'Then what do you mean?'

You only saw his face flashed with a evil grin.

Then he pinned you down the couch.

You tried to escape, but Loki used his magic locked you down.

He stared at you.

'Now, I get a great cushion, that's what I want.'

He nuzzled his face next to your neck, you only could laid there, watching him hugged you tightly, felt hid cold body against your warm body.

He put his sceptre on the table, and put his around your thighs.

And you suddenly noticed, his lips was not far to you, only a few inches.

When you looked up and he looked down.

You two lips met.

You both widened your eyes, tried to push each other away, but an invisible force kept you two in each other's lips.

Soon, the kiss became passionate, that you couldn't stand anymore, you kissed back him forcefully, he responded you passionately.

That time, his body was warm, warm as the fire.

Then somehow, he started kissing your neck, you could feel each kisses were like fire, burning.

You melted.

Like a chocolate in a fire.

Slowly, he took of your jacket, still kissing you.

His hands went lower and lower, you hands were around his neck.


'Y/N! I've got-'

The door opened, a figure stood there, looked surprised to see the two tricksters were on the couch.

The Author widened her eyes, Corvo and Emily quickled covered The Author's eyes and pulled her out.

After they left, Loki looked down to you.

'I think…… I get enough warmth now… but I don't mind going on…'

He said, and grabbed his sceptre.

'Where are you going?'

'No 'you' is 'we', we are going back to my house.'

Then, after a bright green light, they disappeared.



'My poor eyes!' The Author said, crying.

Corvo shook his head.

'Told you.'

Emily laughed.

'Lord. Next time, I'm not going to walk in the house by door, i'll go from window.'

Corvo frowned.

'Myabe next time, they'll in a room.'

'Corvo, get some whiskey and Cigars, you're turning to an annoying assassin, when you're hungry. Better?'

The Author gave him the Whiskey and Cigars.



This is the first one Shots! Hope you like it!.

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