The fault in his DNA

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"Dr. del Castillo?"

"Patrick?" the nurse said tentatively.

She was wary about calling the new doctor by his first name, aware of how some doctors got insulted if their title wasn't said. She didn't know the new doctor, but had heard rumors about him. He was the proverbial son who'd returned.

Rumor had it he spent his childhood in Worthington chasing wallabies and breaking hearts. He was the forever-smiling kid that the town adored, the youngest son of Diego del Castillo and Maria Valdez del Castillo. She didn't know much about the family other than that they occupied a large section of the town on the north side. They had a mansion overlooking a beach and that part of the beach was designated as their own.

She'd never of course encountered any of them. They lived a secluded life and word was most of their children had moved to different countries. One of them was back.

She'd been introduced to him just the day before and immediately understood why the town called him a silent heartbreaker. Tall with green striking eyes and black hair, Patrick was gorgeous. His skin was a light bronze, and slightly glowed in the hospital's bright lights. A smile had been immediately plastered on his face the moment they were introduced. It was a warm beautiful smile. However, as she looked at him at that moment, that smile was gone. Instead he had frown lines on his face.

"Umm," Charlotte mumbled to herself.

That caught the young doctor's attention. Charlotte could breathe a sigh of relief. She had begun to feel awkward standing in the doctor's office while he seemed miles away.

"Hi," Patrick said lifting his head slightly.

Charlotte placed the file she was holding on the doctor's desk. "The genetic results you ordered are back. Dr. Chase just dropped them off," she said.


Charlotte smiled slightly and walked out of the office, noticing that the doctor's sullen expression hadn't changed even when he thanked her. Maybe his return to the small town hadn't gone as he had planned.

His mom had always told him not to frown, it would give him wrinkles. He'd always laughed, reminding her that smiling did the same thing. Only this time he wasn't smiling. He spotted a permanent crease on his forehead.

Patrick didn't want to look at the report, but he knew he had to. That it had been delivered by the nurse and not the geneticist who analyzed the results told him whatever was in there was beyond reasonable doubt. It was going to be clear to him, and only one thing could be as clear.

He summoned up the courage to grab the tip of the file and pull it towards him. Getting the results back at that time was a weird coincidence. He'd been thinking about Charlie.

The Charlie he knew growing up...

They ran around in short shorts either chasing animals or kicking balls. Both of those things had gotten them in trouble countless times. His parents didn't like that he ran around in the forest even though it wasn't too far from home. Charlie's neighbor didn't like that their ball had an affinity for his flowers. Mama...mama didn't like that Superman and Spiderman ran around in her house destroying plates and cups.

Charlie's mom didn't like that Charlie and Patrick made too much noise when they watched TV. She also didn't like that her 16 year old son had a porn magazine. It had been Patrick's, hidden in Charlie's house because Fabiola was too nosy.

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