Hi Everyone

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Hello there!

All I want to say is request.

Yeah, rather you want to request Loki x Reader or Loki x Thor.


But no Smut, no Lemons.

But Death, Blood and Fluff.

And a lot of kissing.



How to Request?

First : Tell me the Title
Second : Who? Main Character (Loki, Thor, Tony……)
Side Character (Bad Guys we call them)
No Deadpool please!
OC are welcome

(Cough. Fine. I accept)

Fourth : Any Crossover?
(Just don't tell me impossible crossover)

Fifith : Plot please.

Sixth : Never never never do not tell me the time.

Seventh : Get your Whiskey and Cigars (Wait wrong fandom)
I mean, anyone realted/ have a relationship with the Reader?

Eighth : Want the Author suddenly appear in the story?

Nine : Any one die?

Ten : Glad you want me to transform it in Chatroom.

That's how you should request.

AnacanLabyrinth, my good self.

Go to make Chatroom.

Feel free to request! Or else dearest Deadpool will kill ya!

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