Ch. 12

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*** Peresphone P.o.v

I looked around the room and sighed. One room, One cloest, one bathroom, one everything. Did they expect us to be togther every second of the day? But the room did seem kinda big, i guess mate dorms have to be big.

"Well of course they do, we are going to be mated," my wolf said dreamily

"I say we make a run for it,"  lexi snickered,  i gigled i would love to but the way he was watching me i dont think i would have a chance to move a muscle before he tackled me. I looked at him and tried to smile but probably came out as a grimace. 

"Well what do you think? I asked for one of the bigger rooms." he stated as if that made him better in my eyes

"He's trying tho," my wolf whimpered  i sighed 

"its okay, i guess. Ill take the couch," i said throwing my stuff next to said couch.  Anothny growled, 

"YOU WILL NOT BE ON THE COUCH YOU  WILL BE WITH ME, SLEEPING WITH ME, WITH ME ALL THE TIME," he snapped at me.  i growled but then thought of something.

"you wont be with me when i hunt, Lexi already made that clear," i said as i turend my nose up at him, i didnt want to see like that but he was pushing me to act that way. I bit my lip thinking. what if he forbid me to hunt alone? what if he gets mad about the prey i get. i sighed when Fawnie spoke up

"Youre making him lose his temper," fawnie whimpered.  Lexi laughed, she seeemed to be doing that alot today. why in thee goddess name would she put 3 females in one body?  this is pure tourture. i tugged at my hair. and looked up at him he was staring down at me his eyes like onyx i knew his demon was out for blood.  

"ohhh scary demon, im so afraid of him," lexi laughed  intill she heard the words.

"Ahh Alexis why do you seem to perfer a mutt over me?" His demon asked Lexi growled and she was clawing at my baracade that i locked her up in.  

"Let me out now, let me deal with His Highness," she spit out. Fawnie whimperd but was trying so hard to get out and sooth him, My head felt like it was splitting open.  I grabbed at my head and held onto it tight . And i began to whimper. It hurts to much With lexi clawing and Fawnie whimpering it was to much and i fainted. 

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