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You didn't see that coming, did you?

Well, if you ask me "what is your favorite serial?" then no Hindi serials will ever come in the list. But if you ask me "what is you favorite Hindi serial?" then I admit, there's one. Yes, only ONE. There's only one Hindi serial I watched from beginning till the end.

There is some serials which I actually liked at first but stopped when it started to show some crap.

But let me tell you the only favorite Hindi serial of mine.

It is "Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani"

It is "Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani"

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This story is kind of like "Twilight" and "Vampire Diaries" but I have not seen full Twilight series neither Vampire Diaries so I can't really tell but I'm sure this story is somehow original. I guess.

The guy is vampire and the girl is human and story goes like that. There is even season 2 (not really sure if it is a different season) where werewolf appears. And that what it makes similar with "Twilight".

When my friend suggested this to me, I was like "ew, this is just a copy of English stuff and surely this is just like the rest of the craps". But then, I started to watch this during a term break where you get no holiday homework and it was quite long vacation.

And I still think there was so many silly errors in the videos and at some point, I felt like "that's not necessary" and for some reason, I was like "why don't you just KISS!?" but then, I have to admit, this is the bestest of all the Hindi serials.

It quite made sense to me from beginning to the end but it was very long way to watch, 280 episodes to be exact.

And what I liked the most about this serial was that there was no typical 'praying scene'! There was only one as far as I remember and that made me so happy because I really hate when someone prays in serial and they are granted with what they want. It's just too annoying for me.

This is also what teenagers would like to watch so I thought it was perfect. Because most of the Hindi serials are out of teenage choice!

And there is one more serial I was quite intrigued about. It is "Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan". I don't have the channel which aired this so I had to watch it online but then... It came to some sort of disappointment so I just stopped watching and even forgot most of the story.

But this is like remake of "Boys Before Flowers". And if you think original one is Korean, you're sadly mistaken. The main original one is Japanese one which I prefer over the Korean remake. I say this because most people out there thinks Korean one is the original. NO ITS NOT!

First it was Japanese manga (comic) and then it was Anime and then it developed into Japanese drama which is being remake in different countries.

And what I liked the most about this Hindi version was the way they showed support to the gay in the story which not quite usual in Indian culture.

And not only that, I also liked about this serial for not making the so called villain girl completely cruel because in most of the Hindi serials, cruel people just keeps on planning for the worst of the good people for the entire serial. But in this, it was more realistic and I liked that.

This serial still had this typical "praying scene" but it was good. But not good enough for me to keep watching.

And the main thing I liked about this serial was they actually kissed!!! I mean, we don't see any of these making out scene in Hindi serials. I always get so disappointed about this. And not only with the main protagonist girl but there is also this kiss scene with the girl who he is in relationship with. You would be like "that's normal". But I say no, because it is Hindi serial. There is no any scene where protagonist will ever make out with another person in most of the Hindi serials. So yeah, way to improve the Hindi serial industry.

But then, some crappy things has to happen at the end... So I just gave up watching this thing. It was good going so I feel sad and disappointed.

And this serial still had some illogical things from my point of view. Specially the part where the girl believes that fireflies glow when they are with someone they truly love. That's a bullshit. And let me break this to you but the lifespan of a firefly is 2 months. And in this serial, the fireflies are captured in a jar and on top of that it lives for like forever. And even with their lifespan being 2 months, it wont even take them few days to die if they're being locked in a jar. But anyway, lets forget about that.

So that was the only favorite Hindi serial I could think of. I hope you're still awake 😂😂😂

Tell me if you have any favorite Hindi serial! And if you like any Korean serials, suggest below! I will watch some day.

From my side, the Korean series I like are : Healer, City Hunter, The Heirs, Descendant of the Sun, Legend of the Blue Sea, Hotel Del Luna.
I can only think of these as for now.

Until we meet next time :)


So, before writing this chapter, I had never watched Vampire Diaries so I thought the serial was pretty much original. But about a year ago  watched may be first 2 seasons of the Vampire Diaries and realized Pyaar ki Yeh Ek Kahaani wasn't that original as  thought of it to be. May be it is somehow original at some point, but it's mostly copy. But well, it doesn't change the fact that this was the only Hindi serial I liked. 


So this is 2020 pandemic period and I don't know what occurred to me and decided to watch Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan all over again. I just watched first episode and there was so much cringe I wonder how I even watched when I watched it the first time. I don't know why did I even start with this, but let's see how this is gonna go.

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