❁Don't Be Afraid Of Heights❁

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Sorry guys, but this chapter is specially dedicated for girls! If you're guy and afraid of falling from height, I can't help you.

But girls, if you're gonna fall from any kind of height, no need of worry because you have your HERO!

Oh, you don't belong from serial? Then I can't help you either.

But if you're a girl who belong from serial, don't be afraid of falling because you're never gonna land on your butt! There's always a hero who will catch you on time no matter wherever he is. I know this is not only in Hindi serial, this is quite famous scenes in many soap operas around the world but I still think Hindi Serials do it too much. Like TOO MUCH!!!

And it is only always the 'main' guy who comes to rescue. I mean, you can put someone else too. Just to make the girl confuse, you can make bad guy catch her too. (Just my opinion)

But then, it is just a 'good guy' and the 'good girl'. That's so fucking boring!!!

And in Hindi serials, they even catch you when you're slipping on the floor and in my opinion, the angles are weird! I mean, whenever I see any scene like that, my opinion most of the time is "who slips on the feet like that!?"

And sometimes, the guy who is supposed to catch the girl will be very far away when she is falling. So while he runs towards her, she will be stuck mid air god knows how and falls only after the guy reaches. 

As you can see in this meme, it is similar for serials

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As you can see in this meme, it is similar for serials. Gravity doesn't work in serials until the guy reach to catch her xD

I pray to God to bring some people with sense in those serial industries! Please lord, have some mercy!

Okay, so be careful when you walk because we are normal humans who got no hero to catch us so you might break your neck. Watch where you walk specially when you're in bathroom, standing on stool, or on top of the Eiffel Tower.

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Until we meet next time :)

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