Sunday 22nd December 2013:

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Number #26 - The 4am Traffic light;

You know the light I'm talking about. At four in the morning, you're driving down a flat desolate highway. You can see forever in every direction and are entirely sure that you are completely alone. Out of nowhere, and for no good reason, appears a red light. You stop and wait for it to turn green. It doesn't. You know it's completely safe to run the light. There are no cars coming - you can see that with your own eyes. And yet you wait.

A tumbleweed blows past you as you ponder the possibility of some sort of police sting operation to catch late-night red-light runners.

By now you are cursing yourself for being such a law-abiding twat. You tell yourself that the Dukes of Hazzard would run the light (yes, even Daisy).

Minutes later, just as you're about to almost gather up enough guts to start thinking about maybe getting the courage to perhaps go through the red, it turns green. You've wasted some time, burned unnecessary gasoline and proven yourself to be a pussy. All because of a little red traffic light. Multiply this frustration by a billion if you have to pee really really badly.

Next time it is 4am and you are stuck pondering whether or not to break traffic laws, maybe you should try this;

"There is no one else about",

"just do it, you won't get caught",

"Come on, you're supposed to be a big bad Bastard...Just do it",

"Right 3...2...1...",

And that is the moment where you decide to check your emails on your phone...

We don't want to break all the rules, but temptation gets the better of us at times.

It's not our fault that we are rebels at heart.

Yours sincerely,

The Big Bad Bastard.

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