The Nerd Is A Hacker?

"Hey, who the hell are you?"

Tena Km is one of the best Hackers alive named ML. When a group of gangs are after her, she disguised herself as a nerd.

Meanwhile, she gets herself mixed into The Shadows, the most power fullest gang in the place which they go to the same school as Tena. They're also after ML, but they didn't know where to start.

Little did they know she's with them the whole time.




CopyRight: All Rights Reserved

CopyRight: All Rights Reserved.

Dedication: ____________

• Contains weird, random scenes that does not fit with the aware.
• A lot of Typos and Grammar Errors
Very slow updates, or not--depending on my laziness.
• May run out of ideas and then ditch the book-or- discontinue it.
• Contains Weird Pictures

Coming out: November 5-8 2016 or November 11-13

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