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Pen Your Pride

Finding Each Other :::4:::

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*Damien’s POV*


Ding-dong. Ding-dong. Ding-dong.

“Mmm” What time was it? Who was that the door? I groan and kick out in frustration, morning being the worst time of the day. The blankets fall to the floor as I angrily get out of bed to stomp across it, leaving my room and making my way to the door, towards the impatient doorbell ringer. Ding-

I swing the door opened-Dong.

“H….Wh…I don’t…” I was tired and my brain was to scrambled to really understand.

“We’re going to go talk to Kyle today. Put on some pants.” Abby ordered, before averting her slightly embarrassed gaze and shutting the door with an edgy click. “And bring my clothes, I want those back!” her voice calls from behind the wood.

“Morning people…”


“I don’t get it, how’d you know where I lived anyways?” our boots crunch agaist the snow. If I hadn’t of moved in with my dad during the divorce, maybe Kyle could’ve told her my adress, but Kyle didn’t know where I’d moved.

Abby smirks “My family has ways of knowing things”

“What are you, the mafia?”

“If I tell you, then I have to kill you” I fall silent “It’s a joke.. You could at least pretend to laugh?”

“Sorry” I puff out a mouthful of breath “I’m nervous”

“Oh yeah… I guess you would be” Abby seemed softer today, though her expresssion still wasn’t exactly approachable. I wonder what caused the change, but didn’t dare voice my curiosity. “How long has it been now? Two years?”

“Around that” I mumble “How’d you get him to agree to this?”

“I didn’t” she hums, edging around a patch of ice on the sidewalk. At my silence she looks up, gauging the expression on my face “What? It’s not like I’m going in there unprepared. He’ll talk to you, or he’ll face the consequences.”

“I see” I don’t however, see a reason to say more then that. Whatever she planned on doing, Kyle had probably accounted for and already had a plan against, but I wasn’t going to say that. A small chance was better then no chance, and I still was in no position to piss this girl off.

We walk in silence for awhile. I can’t help but note how poorly the city takes care of both it’s roads and sidewalks, this isn’t a good place to be wether you are car or pedestrian. “Hey Damien” Abby is a few steps ahead of me because I’d been avoiding more ice, so the result was I couldn’t see her face.

“Umm yeah?” when I walk faster to catch up, she matches my pace, keeping equal distance based on the sound of my foot falls.

“What was your relationship like. With Kyle, I mean” the wind feels a little colder.

“Oh.. I dunno.” pathetic awnser, but the only one I had. Clearly, even during the relationship I hadn’t known. I’d thought we needed each other, that we were all the other person had. But no. He left me without even a chance to explain, much less redeem myself, so clearly I’d been the needy one.

“Oh” she hums a little more quickly “Did you love him?”

“……do we have to talk about this?” I sigh. It hurt.

“Yeah.” she didn’t falter.

“Yes, I loved him. And what about you. Are you his… girlfriend?”

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