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- A mirror, preferably one in a frame or stand on a table so you won't have to hold it up

- Two candles to be lit

- A dark room

- A watch

- An alarm clock to wake up at 3:33 (or you can just do it if you're up at that time anyways, don't have to fall asleep or anything)


1. Go to your room you're doing the ritual in and put the two candles on the opposite edges of the table your mirror is on with the mirror in between. If you aren't doing this with a mirror in a vanity or frame and are required to hold the mirror, it won't work.

2. Wait for 3:33 to strike on your watch. As soon as it does, light both candles and you can now start. Close your eyes, lean in close until you feel like your face is almost touching the mirror. Then let your mind do the rest and you will get varied results. They say mirrors are dimensions into other realms, so what you're basically doing is trying to look into that realm and see what it holds. You can go on for as long as you like, but just for safety measures, keep it restricted to 20 minutes. You don't want to overstay your welcome.


There are several ways to end the ritual, probably the easiest way, is to back away from the mirror and open your eyes. Don't open them before you back away. 

The second method is to back away with your eyes closed and keep them closed until being out of the mirror's view, and then turning on a light. 

The third way is to keep some salt in your hand, back away with eyes closed, and upon opening your eyes, throwing salt at the mirror.

Should you open your eyes before backing away from the mirror

You may see what you were picturing in your head appear in the mirror, or worse. Hopefully it's only for a second, but even if it is for a second, dispose of the mirror immediately. You've let an entity into your mirror, and possibly your house. 

Cover the mirror, take it down, drive it to the nearest dump, and leave it there while you drive away. Shatter it if you have to. There is a slight possibility that even if you were to back away and upon opening your eyes still see something, get rid of it.

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