Mate of the Siren

Chapter 6

Nassir POV

I couldn't believe what had happened yesterday, considering its past midnight.

Orana and I had found out that she was a Siren.

Only thing I knew about Sirens, was that they were supposedly a part of Greek Mythology.

But apartly they were more than myth, considering she is one.

And after meeting that little water sprite I don't think there's any way for me to think that there isn't other creatures out there that are supposed to be myths.

Heck, maybe my parents aren't actually Werewolf and Human.

Though how would that explain me being a Werewolf?

Okay so my dad is a Werewolf and my mom is a Human right?

Eh, I'll just ask her when I get home.

The reason I wasn't home with them now was cause I wanted to hang out with Orana more to make sure she was really okay and not just saying it.

Which she was, she was just freaked cause this was way more then she ecxpected for her fifteenth birthday.

I only lived about a mile from her house so it didn't take me long to get to my house.

Running out of the forest I slowed to a walk until I got to the porch and just stopped and sat on the steps.

My sister came out and sat down beside me laying her head on my shoulder.

This was one reason I loved my sister, she was so peaceful to be around.

When she entered a room she brought on a peaceful feeling with her.

Making everyone around her feel calm and relaxed.

Swinging my arm around her shoulders I look to the starry sky.

"Come on let's go to bed before you fall asleep on these steps." she whispers pulling at my arm and making me open my eyes that I just realized were closed.

I nod and heave myself off the steps and start walking to the front door only to turn around and look at the full moon and the stars surrounding it.

It glows pure white in the bluish black sky, turning everything from a dull to a glow.

Nodding to myself I walk the rest of the way towards the door and into the house.

Closing it shut I barely get my shoes off before my sister drags me up the stairs and towards our separate rooms which are joined with a simple blue and pink door.

She shoves me into my room and tells me to get to bed and sleep well.

Once I nod a yes she closes my door and leaves to her room.

A smile tugs at my lips as I look around my room.

I had woken late and had to get dressed in a hurry.

So all my clothes were strewn everywhere and my bed a mess.

Deciding to clean up I grabbed my headphones and iPod to listen to while cleaning.

The first song that came on was "Animal" by Neon Trees.

My smile turned to a full on grin as I cleaned to the music.

By the time the song was over I had my clothes back in my closet, bed made, and the thought of a cold shower in my head.

Going into my bathroom I take a quick shower, washing the salt water off and any stree or frustration.

I jump out of the shower, dry off, and fall onto my bed letting sleep take me away.


(later in the morning)

"We're moving, today." my father blurts out, his eyes sad revealing how sad he is to announce to everyone the news.

"WHAT?! Why? Can't we stay?" Nadira practically yells to our father, unhappy with this sudden news.

"We are moving to Colorado, today. We are moving because of pack business that we don't know how long will take. As soon as pack business is dealt with then and only then will we be moving back. No, you and Nassir cannot stay. If I don't have you all with me then you might as well say I'll be mad as the Mad Hatter. No pun intended." he tells us trying to make this less painful than it is.

I listen to my family talk about moving for a few more seconds before I'm zoning out and thinking of Orana and Kemble.

Kemble will of course be going with us since his father is Alpha but that means we are leaving Orana behind.

Meaning she'll be alone.

God, I hope she makes friends while we're gone.

I hate to leave her but I know that dad won't allow for me to stay.

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