The Truth of Fairy Tales

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  The introduction to my newest work. Hope you like ^.^

   Listen, darling children, throw away all you think you know. This story will shatter your grip on fairy tales alike. Innocent you say? No, they are not of the such. But then who am I to say innocence whe you approach the Man in the Hood? Piper. Just call me Piper. A tale I shall tell. One of little girls taken from their livelihoods. Be warned, this isn't for the innocent girls who play with their dollies or little boys who woo with daisies and hollies. For this is not a mere tale to bed down yonder children. the stories you here yes they be real, but softened and dull are they. The truth is that they are truthfully and morbidly naughty.

     We travel back to the land of Afar. The islands and 'sulas are surrounded by a blue danube. 'Tis a time of magic and war, fear and paranoia of the mind. We find the most illustrious queen, high in her tower in the forest. She is worshipped and crowned for her liquid golden hair. All is well you think, but alas 'tis not for she is wanted in more ways then one. She was hunted by her people for believe that the dreaded beast would be gone by the offing of her head. So the little queen Rapunzel barracaded herself in her would-be-romantic tower from the subjects she feared to keep out. days went by when she realized the horribe truth; she was going die in her isolation, alone, cold and hungry. This, my dear children, is where we pick up.....

                                                                                            ~ Queen Widow of Hearts

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