Chapter 5

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Reese sat alone at his lunch table once again, Malcolm and Stevie were waiting for Harper who walked into the eating area at that moment. She looked around and smiled in Malcolm direction, he smiled back but soon drowned when she walked past his to sit next to Reese.

"Hey, Reese." She said taking her place next to him while smiling, he smiled back and then pulled out a piece of paper.

"Okay, I've got a great plan to prank all the popular kids." He said before continuing on an elaborate plan, Malcolm crushed his juice box with his hand.

"Why is she hanging out with Reese? He's an idiot!" He yelled throwing his juice box into the trash can beside them, Stevie shook his head.

"What's...... wrong? Are..... you..... jealous?" He asked, Malcolm glared at him.

"Very funny," He said with a mocking laugh, "Just you wait, she'll come back saying sorry to me." Stevie rolled his eyes.

"Why..... don't..... you..... apologize?" He asks, Malcolm looked at him with big eyes.

"Why should I apologize? She called me a pain in the ass." He reasoned, Stevie took a long sip from his juice box before putting it down.

"You.... are.... the.... one.... who..... forgot.... her..... birthday." He said, Malcolm was about to retort when he stopped himself and just then the bell rang, Harper and Reese both stood up and walked back into the school before splitting down the hallway. Malcolm sat in his usual seat in English and turned expecting Harper to be there, but she wasn't, she was sitting all the way in the other side.

"Ms. Day, can you please explain why Petrutio is comparing Kate to a cat?" Mr. Kanpur asked, he was their AP English teacher who enjoyed picking on Harper since her answers were what he enjoyed.

"He was comparing her to a cat to show that he could tame her as if she was an animal, and in the end he treats her like one." She simply said turning back to the window, Mr. Kanpur was delighted with the answer before turning to Malcolm.

"Okay, Mr. Wilkerson, why did Lucentio fall in love with Bianca?" He asked, Malcolm was shocked that he was even asked a question.

"It was, um, love at first sight?" He asked that's when he noticed Harper was looking at him.

"Okay, how about you clarify Ms. Day?" He asked turning back to Harper.

"Lucentio fell in love with how quiet and obedient she was, which can be interpreted as love at first sight." Mr. Kanpur smiled before turning away and writing on the board.

"Okay, I want a four page essay on how love works and wether or not the love between Bianca and Lucentio is real or not."

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