Chapter: 17 'All Is Fair In Love & War' ✔

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Chapter: 17 'All Is Fair In Love & War' 

(Ayden's POV)

"Where are you taking me?" Casey asked as I dragged her through the deserted parking lot.

"Keep walking and you'll find out" I teased. Even with my back to her, I pictured her rolling her beautiful gray eyes that I never noticed she possessed until a few minutes ago.

Cassandra is gorgeous and I can see why guys are attracted to her. But she is NOT my type. She's just like all of the other easy girls I hook-up with.

She unremittingly questioned where I was taking until I finally told her. I revealed that I was taking her back to my car so we can finish our make out session. I can see why Duncan always cheats on her. She's unbearably aggravating.

She began to follow me more willingly once I told her of my plans. When I reached my car, which was across the parking lot, I was sweating from the blazing sun but I couldn't wait to crash my lips back onto Casey's.

I released Casey's hand to fish my keys out of my pockets. Afterward, I placed my duffle bag in the passenger seat. I unlocked the back doors and Casey immediately climbed inside as I followed. Before she had the time to sit comfortably, I grabbed her chin and smashed my lips onto hers.

This time, she was the one who was shocked. She quickly recovered and wrapped her arms around my neck, drawing me closer.

She foraged her fingers through my unruly hair as I slid my tongue into her mouth. Our tongues began to fight many battles but that didn't stop me from shoving my tongue down her throat.

After several minutes, I decided to take it a step further. I moved away from her lips and started to kiss down her chin and eventually to the base of her neck.

However, I soon felt her slowly move away from me. "Is there a problem?" I asked confused. I thought her and I are on the same page. She let out a sigh and looked away from me before resting her head on the window.

"I'm still with Duncan" she confessed.

"So?" I said, not caring about her and that douchebag's relationship.

Casey aggressively turned and glared at me. "Are you crazy? If he finds out about us he'll be so pissed off. World War III will occur between you two!" She panicked with a shaky voice. I almost laughed. I can't believe she thinks I'm afraid of Duncan because he claims he'll "murder" any guy who messes with his girl.

She must not know that Duncan has a higher chance of getting eaten by a shark than striking the smallest amount of fear in me. He might get away with that type nonsense with Adrianna or any other soft person but not me. Hell, I want to kick his ass again. He's been spreading rumors about him and my sister.

He's been bragging to people that he and Adrianna hooked up a few weeks ago at a party. I don't if it's true or not, it better fucking not. Duncan knows not talk or even glance in Adrianna's direction. He'll have to be fucking insane if he even thinks of sleeping with my sister.

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