Chapter I

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Mysterious A's Chapter One

- Aalea Harriss

As Aalea walked the halls of Lake View High she spoke to a few people she knew. She searched for her best friend, Nataliya who was kind of short so this was a task. Aalea finally found her talking to a mutual friend of theirs; she tapped her shoulder to get her attention.

"Hey Lea!" She squealed standing on her tippy toes to hug her.

Aalea was a supermodel's height, which is why she wore her extra weight so well. In her eyes, she felt as though, everyone was little ants and she was the only human there to ruin the ant's pile.

All her friends were skinny and athletic. She wondered why God made her the way he did. Why couldn't she have a small waist and short legs? What guy would find a girl taller than himself attractive? None.

"Hey." She said warily before speaking to Denise as well.

They walked to class together and talked on the way there.

"You know Jennifer's having a party tonight? You wanna be my plus one?" Nataliya asked.

"Nah, if I wasn't invited, I obviously am not wanted there." Aalea shrugged.

"And? So what? Just go to have fun. Please?"

"No..Now leave me alone about it. I'll see you at lunch." Aalea said before walking into her homeroom.

Jennifer was a girl Aalea had hung out with back in elementary days. Jennifer always had a clique, and they always did what she said. So if you pissed her off, or said something she didn't like, in the snap of her fingers she could leave you friendless and lonely. This is exactly what she had done to Aalea for telling her to shut up. Since that day, Aalea and Jennifer never clicked. If they saw each other in the halls it was either an eye roll or an 'accidental' bump. All over some petty sentence that contained the word shut up.

Aalea and Nataliya met in the seventh grade. They were in the same class and Aalea was a little shy, Nataliya thought all the rest of the girls in their class were fake so she took to the quiet one. Who seemed to need a friend. They've been like two peas in a pot since. Aalea was the first to know when Nataliya lost her virginity, she was the first to know her crush, the first to know she smoked weed sometimes. Nataliya told her everything.


After school Aalea rode with Nataliya to a burger joint to pick up something to eat. Aalea was hungry, but she wasn't going to eat. She was trying to lose weight and she could miss a meal.

"You sure you don't want anything?" Nataliya asked for the third time.

"I told you, just get me water."

"Okay, fine, don't ask for mine though." Nataliya paid for their items and they found a booth.

Aalea pulled a Nature Valley bar out of her cross body Michael Kors pocketbook and began to bite it.

"Why in the fuckery are you eating those?" Nataliya asked.

"Because they're healthy and tasty. I'm trying to lose weight, you know that." Aalea stressed.

"Whatever." Nataliya shook her head and continued eating.

The jingle of the door, indicating someone had arrived, caused Nataliya to look up.

It was Amare Jordan. He was total perfection, he stood 6' ft. , his eyes were hazel nut and his skin was like smooth caramel. His teeth were white and straight, and he had the curliest hair, which was a rich black. He was like a goddess, with his high cheek bones and pierced nose.

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