11- Meeting

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Percy's PoV:

I turned around when I felt someone tap me on the shoulder. It was a teenage boy with  blonde hair and the lower body of a goat. My day just keep on getting weirder and weirder.

"Lord Perseus! Lady Artemis is looking for you." He said after panting. I looked at him in shock and ran outside. Since I didn't see her outside the infirmary, I ran to the Big House because it was the best option. When I arrived there, I saw an angry and impatient Artemis tapping her foot on the floor with enough force to make earthquakes. When she saw me, she walked towards me, got me by the collar of my shirt and threw me harshly to the chair.

"Ow!" I rubbed the back of my head.

"Where have you been?! How dare you go out of this camp without my permission?!" She shouted at me, making my hair stand on end.

"So now I can't even decide for myself?! You want me to die every time we meet! What difference will it make?!" My patience was already stretched to the limit. What I said made Artemis look down for a second with guilt. One part of me felt guilty for shouting at her but the other part of me felt satisfied and still angry. Then Artemis looked back at me with fiery eyes.

"Then explain that!" She pointed at my hand and only then did I realize that I was still holding the Minotaur's horn. The color drained out of my face. If she finds out about what I have done, I won't see tomorrow. But then, we heard thunder boom and it saved my life. A council meeting was being called...

"Let's save it for later." Artemis looked at me with those cold but beautiful silver eyes. Wait. Did I just compliment her eyes?! Before I could say anything she flashed off. I just sighed and followed her.

I appeared in the entrance to the throne room. Artemis was beside me and she gave me a look of disgust.

"Are you going to go there looking like a burnt animal who didn't have a decent bath for weeks?" She spat at me. I made an annoyed face.

"Geez! Even for once, can't you be nice to me?"

Artemis' PoV:

That question hit me hard. I know that I'm really harsh to him but that's who I am. I just really hate his kind, even though Perseus is a teeny tiny bit better. I forgot all about my nasty reply when he changed into his godly form. He was wearing a white toga and a wreath of laurel leaves that made his beautiful sea green eyes sparkle. It also showed off his toned and muscular figure. He was attractive, sure, but he was still an annoying idiot.

"Uhh... Artemis..." He waved his fand in front of my face and when I got out of my thoughts, I slapped his hand away.

"Let's go." I told him and I was surprised that my voice was soft. He blinked and then followed me to the throne room. We made our way to our thrones which were right beside each other and sat down. After a few seconds, the rest of the gods appeared and settled down. A loud boom of thunder was heard which signaled the start of the meeting. I directed my attention to my father, Zeus.

"Everyone, we have a very important matter to discuss in this meeting." Zeus' statement caused murmurs to rise. "But before that," Everybody quieted down. "I have to dismiss some matters. Artemis," He turned to me. "How is Perseus' training?"

"It's all well, father. He just needs to learn more about the mythical world." Zeus nodded at me and Perseus glanced at me questioningly but I ignored him.

"Perseus," Zeus looked at Perseus. "Your welcoming celebration will be next week. I suggest that you should already prepare and make friends." A slight smile tugged at the corner of Zeus' mouth.

"Of course, Lord Zeus." Perseus nervously replied.

"Now, to the most important matter." The air in the throne room was filled with nervousness. "Since an ancient evil is rising, we have to take precautions." Everybody glanced at each other. When Zeus says precautions, it's not going to be easy. "Each female Olympian will be assigned a male Olympian as a partner and guardian." Protests and cries erupted. "Silence!" Zeus thundered and the room got silent. "I'll be the one to asign your partner. Apollo and Hermes will be together since there are only a few females." I saw my brother and Hermes exchange mischievous glances. "Hera is with me, of course. Poseidon, you're with Athena." Both of them started protesting. I just smiled. I think it's gonna be fun watching them work together. Zeus just ignored them and continued, "Hephaestus and Aphrodite," This caused Aphrodite to start ranting and Ares to huff. "Dionysus and Demeter," Dionysus just burped and Demeter was reading a book about plants. For me, they were actually a good pair since both was grounded on plants and both of them were boring. There were only three of us left now. Me, Ares and Perseus. I really hoped that I would get paired with Perseus even if I hate his stupidity because I hate Ares more. I held my breath as Zeus continued. "And lastly, Artemis and Ares." I stood up angrily.

"Father! Why him?! I absolutely loathe the idea of him being my guardian! I am capable of protecting myself!" I continued on protesting.

"Artemis..." Zeus calmly said. "I won't change my decision. I believe that it's the best for you. I'm your father and I want you to be safe."

Then Ares butted in out of no where, "I agree. You and I would be perfect. Listen to your father babe." I glowed red with anger.

"DON'T CALL ME BABE!!!" I shouted at him very fiercely and took out my bow.

"Artemis! That's enough!" Zeus shouted and made my bow disappear. "It's final! You'll be paired with Ares!" I faced Zeus with so much anger in my eyes and tears started to fall. Then suddenly I heard the voice that I yearned to hear the most.

"Lord Zeus." Perseus stood up and faced Zeus with a confident face. My eyes widened in shock when I realized what he was going to do. He really wanted to die. "Please be considerate with Lady Artemis. I don't think that it is right to pair her with Lord Ares." Zeus looked at him with a deadly calm face.

"You dare to go against my wishes?!" Zeus boomed at him. I just looked at them, frozen with fear for Perseus.

When he didn't answer, Ares stood up and shouted at him, "Hey punk! You should really know your place!" Perseus looked at him with controlled anger in his eyes. Then he smiled.

"Is that a challenge?" Perseus asked Ares calmly. The rest of the gods, even Zeus, just stared at the two speechlessly.

Ares laughed mockingly. "You want to fight with me for a petty girl?! You don't even have a chance!" Perseus just kept his smile.

"You never know." Perseus said coolly. Ares just stood there speechless with anger.

"Fine! I'll show you what I can do punk! Let's see how long you can survive. Meet me tomorrow at the arena, 4 pm sharp!" Then Ares flashed out of the throne room.

Zeus finally snapped out of his shock and said, "We'll continue the meeting tomorrow, after the fight." Then he looked at Perseus with a cold face. "Goodluck boy." Then he flashed away, followed by the other gods but I stayed there. Perseus just turned to me and smiled like nothing had happened.

Word Count: 1298 (excluding A/N)
Date Published: November 6, 2016
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