climbing walls

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you have knocked down the barrier

and in its place built a whole new wall

but, i don't like this one at all

at least with the old one,

it wasn't as tall

and i could climb it to reaach you

now,it's impossible,

and much easier to miss you

so after all this time

a month of freedom is that important to you?

but when you've got nothing to do

you will come knocking on my door

begging for just a tad bit more

been up since 2 a.m yesterday

and it's 4 a.m today

thrown up about a million times,

but i keep telling you i feel just fine,

trying to hide the lies

i don't know what to do without you

for the past seven months

i've done

nothing' nothing' nothing

but be your baby

and now you don't even want me

i used to love how you'd try to look tough

but just ended up looking oober dumb

maybe over the years,

i can tear down this wall

and we can be together,

once and for all.

i will slowly chip away at the brick.

until i can climb this wall again

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