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Hello there, here's a new story. I tend to not write prologues, but I feel like a short starter would fit in well with this story.

Before you start, I want to make sure that all of you realise that Kellin is a trans boy and any transphobic comments will be deleted. Some very awful opinions are expressed in this book and I just wanted to make sure you all know that I do not agree with them, they are just here for the purposes of the story. Also, I'm trying my hardest to research as much as I could, but some of my facts will probably be wrong. If that is indeed the case, please send me a message and I promise to fix it as soon as I get the chance. I'm trying my hardest though.

Yes, Kellin may be in a female body, but he still identifies as a male, therefore this is an mpreg. I hope none of you have any problems with that.

Also if I get any comments comparing this story to something thekellinunderthevic has written I will actually drink bleach. No joke.



I bit down hard on the inside of my mouth as I tried to build up the courage to glance at the small object in my trembling hands. Why? Why had I been so stupid? Why did I let alcohol and irrational thoughts take over my head?

I had always considered myself to be smart but my actions from a week ago were anything but that. I told myself over and over again that I should not go to that stupid party. I should not drink. I should not interact with anyone there. I certainly should not sleep with anyone.

And, most of all, I should not sleep with two different guys, neither of which used protection.

They used me. That must have been it. After all, why else would anyone want to be intimate with me? Everyone hated me. They just wanted to find out if Kellin Quinn had a pussy or a dick. And, sure as hell, they did.

Was it rape? I would not say so. It might have been something close, but I quickly ruled out those thoughts. All of us were shitfaced. No one truly knew what they were doing

The most painful part was how truly helpless I was against it. There was the morning after pill but, as soon as I walked into the clinic and asked for it, I was turned down immediately. I was a boy so they were not allowed to sell me one.

I could have asked one of my female friends to do it, but the problem was I had no female friends. I didn't have any male friends either. I had no friends in general. No one really wanted to associate with me.

My mom would surely be able to get me that pill, but I'd rather shoot myself than let her know what happened. She was always supportive of me, but she would be so disappointed by this.

If that test told me I was positive, that would ruin my whole life. I was only 17, I was still in school, I had amazing grades. All of that would go to waste if a baby suddenly came into my life.

And the worst part? I had no idea whether the father was Vic Fuentes or his brother, Mike.

I did not really know what the statistics truly were, but I was not at my most fertile time of the month. So, theoretically let's say I have 1/2 chance of being pregnant. Positive/Negative.

However the positive ratio would have to be doubled, as it happened twice. That makes it 2/3. Positive/Positive/Negative.

That's more probable than I'm comfortable with. Then again, I'm not comfortable with anything above zero.

I took a deep breath and prepared myself for the results of the test. I had been praying to God for the last few days that it would come out negative. I could not be pregnant, it was out of the question.

My mind was a mess of emotions. I was a boy, this could not be happening to me. At school I was already the weird trans kid. What if I became the dropout, pregnant, weird trans kid?

The specific amount of time had passed. I took a deep breath and prepared myself for the results. I slowly turned over the test in my hands and a lump instantly formed in my throat as I gazed at the two red lines with tears forming in my eyes.


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