Chapter Two

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^Picture above is of the older Wyn. She is still portrayed by Mia Hays and video is Stars from Finding Neverland - A Broadway musical.

At the sound of the second call, several boys younger than me came flooding into the abandoned lot on bursts of air. They arrived from all directions and in many different styles, each in their own unique way.

One whooped and hollered. Another crept only silently, his company dodging slightly ahead, his voice somewhere in between the others' noise levels.

But all met in one place and gathered behind Zac, who had finally released me some moments before. He seemed to be their stronghold and their leader.

I was standing beside Josh, who had reached out and tightly grasped my hand. Mine had begun sweating slightly from the nerves and anxiety bombarding me, but he didn't seem to mind.

In fact, his seemed to sweat just as much as me.

What did he have to be nervous about?

The other boys were split in how they reacted to my presence, the same way they had been in their arrivals.

One cautiously peeked at me while another openly stared. The last was constantly glancing at me with a mixed look of curiosity and confusion.

I challengingly stared right back at them for a long moment, studying each one as they did me.

They were all clothed in the same dingy brown uniforms as Josh and Zac, each with their own red name tags pinned sloppily into their coats.

The child whose tag stated he was called Elijah was a shorter boy whose deep olive skin tone contrasted beautifully with his light brown hair, which was wavy and wild with curls that dared to defy gravity with backward angles. Elijah had been the one who was constantly glancing at me as if he was unsure if he had actually seen me correctly.

The boy who was shyly peeking up at me had long black hair that curled slightly around his ears. His light green eyes hesitantly glanced at me but quickly darted away when he caught me watching. His name was written in letters slightly too neat to be his own. The blotchy lettering declared his name to be Tobias.

The last boy was the smallest of them all. He wasn't much shorter than Tobias, but he was short enough that you could tell he had to be younger.

He stared straight at me, his hazel eyes wide in open curiosity and unmistakable surprise. A soft breeze blew the brown hair off his forehead and away from those inquisitive young eyes.

All in all, he couldn't have been much more than five or six years old, at least four years my junior. His name tag was written in the same handwriting as Tobias's, but his seemed a lot newer. His name was Benjamin.

After my quick study of each boy, I purposefully turned my body away and faced a suddenly somber looking Josh.

The fiery anger that had lit his veins only moments before had drained away and left a hollow façade in its place. Like a volcano after the lava had long since past, he had cooled into a hardened exterior.

His eyes scanned the grounds around us, intently seeking out something of unknown importance.

Or, at least, it was only unknown to me.

Because of this, Josh continued to ignore me, whether purposefully or not, I couldn't be sure.

A dull thudding noise sounded in front of us, but I didn't immediately turn to investigate the disturbance.

Instead, I watched as a sudden relief spread across Josh's youthful face.

A voice rang out, harsh and demanding but oddly kind, "What's up, Josh?" The voice was male, older, and held the authority of someone who was used to having undivided leadership and attention. Respect was a given with him.

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