Confession of a Cheerleader (lesbian Story) 2

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Chapter Two

The bell rang for dismissal.

Everyone in class hurriedly rushed out while I took time to pack my things. I hate rushing. I have too many problems to stress about and rushing definitely won't help me ease a bit. It'll in fact, bring me more stress. So I always take my time when there IS time.

Since it's dismissal and there is no practice for today. I can have the time I want. After packing, I rose up and did some stretching. Since no one was there, I started wiggling around while stretching at the same time. I put on my iPod and played a rock song and then I took out my imaginary guitar. I started picturing myself in a band, was singing to the song and making rock star poses with the imaginary guitar. I would usually get carried away in times like this. So although I love my free time, there is still a part of me who wishes that I've no free time doing all sorts of idiocy.

I was feeling the song with closed eyes and was really into my whole "concert" thing. And then I felt my earpiece being pulled out from one of my ears.

I looked up to see who has distracted my performance, and then started hoping that I didn't exist. There she was, again.

"I'm sorry. I did knock." Jane said.

I was dumb-founded; I didn't know how to react. How would you react after doing something stupid in front of someone you really like?

"Its okay" came out from my mouth mechanically. I couldn't even say it to her straight in the face. I looked away and to my watch.

"Don't worry, there's no practice today.'' She reassured me and smile. I do know that.

And how did she know that? Well of course, she is a cheerleader. There is always that connection between players and the cheering squad. And I almost forgot that she's the one and only child of our dear Coach Sam.

"Uh huh" I responded. I couldn't just make out any words.

I took my backpack, walked to the door and said, "I guess you need the room now."

"Well, I actually need to talk to you Archie." Jane quickly responded.

My hand started sweating; I could feel my pulse and hear my heartbeat. She wanted to talk to me, or rather, needed to talk to me. Is this for real? God, please drop a meteorite now and wake up my dreamy head. I need to gather all my guts to face her up or I would look like some hesitant moron. I need confidence now. I should probably start doing some breathing exercises first. Breathe in, breathe out.

Since there was a long silence while waiting for my reply, Jane then continued, "it's about your math"

And damn it, she now knew how stupid I am in mathematics. It's not that I am stupid or some dense fellow but I just hate numbers. Archie and numbers together won't make a pretty good match.

Still, I was not saying anything. I felt my mouth has been glued hard and that my mind's been blocked on whatever possible answers I could give. I need to talk before she starts thinking that I am some weirdo.

Then she said, "I'll be your new tutor."

And I fainted.

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