Confession of a Cheerleader (lesbian Story)

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Chapter One

Her luscious lips were an inch away and I could feel her breathing on me. She moved nearer as I slowly shut my eyes. Wild images starts popping in my head, passionate kisses and untamed intimacies were the last thing that I needed to imagine right now. I can't possibly envision myself doing that with the hottest cheerleader in school and not now. But why is my body longing for something more than this inch apart?

Then I heard a giggle. And thank god I was back.

I immediately opened my eyes to see Jane smiling and was on top me.

"Are you alright?" she asked in concern.

"I'm fine" I replied as I hastily gathered my books which were scattered on the school ground.

I took a quick look at my watch and I know I was minutes late for my basketball practice.

"I'm sorry... I didn't mean to...'' she apologized which I felt was sincere.

"Nah, it's alright. I gotta go!'' I retorted as I rushed to the gymnasium and away from her.

I know I was tensed and I could feel my hand shivering. I was weak at the same time but felt good after knowing that I bumped into her and knowing that she actually talked to me. Since I was a freshman, I never thought that I would cross path with someone who was my senior, especially someone like Jane, who at that time happens to be in 3rd year. She was undeniably beautiful and a woman with character. She leads organizations in schools, has a position in the student council and have been garnering awards for the institution, may it be in academics or non-curriculum activities. She is an A-star student, well-groomed young lady and a perfect epitome of woman with brains. It's something you wouldn't expect from a cheerleader. And you can't help but adore someone like Jane.

I ran to the gym in a blissful thought and a smile stuck on my face. Anyone who would see me at that time would certainly conclude that I am in love. Or am I?

As I entered that gym locker, I heard a few giggles from a bunch of young cheerleaders. I know they were newbie as older ones would not hang out in the players' locker. I simply gestured that I noticed them and gave them a smirk. And one of the girls laughed nervously. She was nervous and I knew it as I believe that I was doing the exact same thing just a while ago.

Then I took out a jersey from my locker and simply took off the Nirvana shirt that I was wearing. I can't deny that I am comfortable with my body. I love my abs and toned arms which were the rewards from heavy physical training and work outs. I always maintain my body lean and sporty. Forget about that sporty part, I look more of like a lean drug addict. It's not that I do drugs; it's just that I am one skinny lean girl who happens to look like some emo boy. You can say that again, I look like a boy. No butts, small breast. I don't regard myself as a hermaphrodite though since I don't have a both sexes' reproductive system. I just happen to look like a boy and very androgyny.

As I threw my shirt back to the locker, I realized that I have been exposing myself for an entertainment to the young cheerleaders as they started to giggle louder. Are these young girls lesbians or they've plainly not seen a girl who has a boy's body? I then felt uncomfortable and went to the other side of the locker. I quickly straightened my sports bra (and yes, I still do wear bra!), changed my skinny jeans and put on my jersey.

Then I bid farewell to the girls and ran to the basketball court to find myself getting hissed by my team mates when I happily broke the silence with "hey!"

"What's with you Arch?" Jennifer asked as I took my seat beside her.

"Nothing'' I responded and started wondering where our coach could be.

"Coach Sam's mad. With you'' Jen said as she noticed me looking for Coach Sam.

And as if I didn't hear anything from her, I kept my search on.

"Arch, Coach Sam's mad 'cause you been late for freakin' tons of times! You know he needs you!" Jen nagged and pulled me closer to her. And then she whispered, "And so is everyone in the team."

I looked at my team mates who appeared to have survived in a storm. They had probably received the bad tantrums Coach Sam would give when he's unhappy with something. And unfortunately, he's always disappointed with a thing or two, everyday.

"Jen, I had to cope with my math. And you pretty know that.'' I replied and was suddenly disturbed when our senior in the team came with her clan. I call them "the three lords." And it's not that I worship them, but more of like they worship themselves. If there are jocks in coed school, they pretty much are the "jocks" in all-girls school. And I purely hate them.

I remembered one time after getting into the team and gaining title of our Coach Sam's favorite player, Sandra, the leader in the three lords, came banging on my locker while I was changing. She then grabbed me by the collar and threatens to embarrass me if I do not act like a newbie. And then she thrust me hard to the locker with a loud thump. She left the other newly appointed team mates in fear of her after that day. But I wasn't scared, I was mad. I then chose to go against her, and just played my best in the team.

So for the three quarter of my freshmen year, I was tied in the toilet bowls, received rotten milk in the face and not to forget, cakes of all sorts. I was deprived of places to hang out since everyone in school thought and believe that I was loser. I even mopped the whole school after getting caught in something I had never imagined of doing, like putting dead flies in the principal's coffee while she was in the school garden and I, peacefully reading an article about work outs. Everyone in the scene pointed that I was the one who did it. Who would stand for some loser like me? Well, Jen did. But two against a majority wouldn't make a difference. So I had to mop the whole school for a week and missing practices, just how Sandra loved it to be.

But then again, fate made a wonderful twist. On one friendly match with supposedly an unbeatable school, Coach Sam made me play. He believed of my potential with the game and has loved my performances in practices. So I played, and played well. I scored the most for my team and was then the reason our victory. Ever since then, Coach Sam has high hopes for me and everyone changed their impression on me. They in fact, started to love me. And with that, I gave them continuous winnings.

"And it's okay for that bitch to be late." I said to Jen, who quickly knew who I was referring to.

"Arch, you two can't be compared. She's the captain, but you bring home the bacon." Jen replied and patted me on the shoulder.

"Well... still..." I was cut off from what I was about to say when Coach Sam appeared.

He then made a quick scan at his team and smiled when he saw me.

"Okay, let's start this whole thing." He shouted and whistled.

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