Confession of a Cheerleader (lesbian Story)

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Chapter One

Her luscious lips were an inch away and I could feel her breathing on me. She moved nearer as I slowly shut my eyes. Wild images starts popping in my head, passionate kisses and untamed intimacies were the last thing that I needed to imagine right now. I can't possibly envision myself doing that with the hottest cheerleader in school and not now. But why is my body longing for something more than this inch apart?

Then I heard a giggle. And thank god I was back.

I immediately opened my eyes to see Jane smiling and was on top me.

"Are you alright?" she asked in concern.

"I'm fine" I replied as I hastily gathered my books which were scattered on the school ground.

I took a quick look at my watch and I know I was minutes late for my basketball practice.

"I'm sorry... I didn't mean to...'' she apologized which I felt was sincere.

"Nah, it's alright. I gotta go!'' I retorted as I rushed to the gymnasium and away from her.

I know I was tensed and I could feel my hand shivering. I was weak at the same time but felt good after knowing that I bumped into her and knowing that she actually talked to me. Since I was a freshman, I never thought that I would cross path with someone who was my senior, especially someone like Jane, who at that time happens to be in 3rd year. She was undeniably beautiful and a woman with character. She leads organizations in schools, has a position in the student council and have been garnering awards for the institution, may it be in academics or non-curriculum activities. She is an A-star student, well-groomed young lady and a perfect epitome of woman with brains. It's something you wouldn't expect from a cheerleader. And you can't help but adore someone like Jane.

I ran to the gym in a blissful thought and a smile stuck on my face. Anyone who would see me at that time would certainly conclude that I am in love. Or am I?

As I entered that gym locker, I heard a few giggles from a bunch of young cheerleaders. I know they were newbie as older ones would not hang out in the players' locker. I simply gestured that I noticed them and gave them a smirk. And one of the girls laughed nervously. She was nervous and I knew it as I believe that I was doing the exact same thing just a while ago.

Then I took out a jersey from my locker and simply took off the Nirvana shirt that I was wearing. I can't deny that I am comfortable with my body. I love my abs and toned arms which were the rewards from heavy physical training and work outs. I always maintain my body lean and sporty. Forget about that sporty part, I look more of like a lean drug addict. It's not that I do drugs; it's just that I am one skinny lean girl who happens to look like some emo boy. You can say that again, I look like a boy. No butts, small breast. I don't regard myself as a hermaphrodite though since I don't have a both sexes' reproductive system. I just happen to look like a boy and very androgyny.

As I threw my shirt back to the locker, I realized that I have been exposing myself for an entertainment to the young cheerleaders as they started to giggle louder. Are these young girls lesbians or they've plainly not seen a girl who has a boy's body? I then felt uncomfortable and went to the other side of the locker. I quickly straightened my sports bra (and yes, I still do wear bra!), changed my skinny jeans and put on my jersey.

Then I bid farewell to the girls and ran to the basketball court to find myself getting hissed by my team mates when I happily broke the silence with "hey!"

"What's with you Arch?" Jennifer asked as I took my seat beside her.

"Nothing'' I responded and started wondering where our coach could be.