21: Hash Brownies

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I'm scared
you mean more to me
than any other person,

you are everything
I think about
you are everything
I want"

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*A/N... I'm changing Ayaz's friend that is Bliz's name to Zachary, further changes in the previous chapters will be done soon, feel free to point out my mistakes... What I mean is constructive criticism is encouraged:) *





"..Stop running! " I keep shouting as I run back of her.

Man... I really need to work out...

We just reached the beach with an overly excited and energetic Navya already sprinting towards the shore. To my surprise she was way too fast and I was like an ant in front of her. I made a mental note to check in for a gym.

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"Navya, are you sure you're not a leopard or are even a human! " I cry at last reaching her trying to regain my breathing and she playfully hits my arm pulling me to the water.

"Oww! Hey.. no! Not in water, not in water Navya, nooooo! "

and there we go..

seems like fortune was hell bent is making us fall... Or maybe their was some invisible attraction of water with us because we both fell into it creating a huge splash probably attracting people's attention. Cold water splashed on to face, running in through and fro my shirt causing a refreshing yet jittery feeling. I could still feel her arms tightly grasped around my hand instinctively knowing she was fine.

"Not bad Ayaz.... Bunking classes haan! "that voice I immediately recognised as Zach's! (pronounced Za-ck).

Getting out off the water whilst pulling Navya with me, we glance at our now drenched clothes which carried extra weight to it because of the water, luckily the wind wasn't blowing else she would have caught cold.

What about you hun? As if you are immune to all diseases... I mentally roll my ignoring it.

"Maan ! Zach! I'm wet ! " I repeat the obvious and as expected he says the same.

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