Satan's Pet ~Part 13~

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It's been two weeks since Mariah's death, last week was her funeral.

So much has happened in those past two weeks. I still remember the night Aidan told me about Mariah.


I had just got back from the best day of my life.

I had to go see my grandmother's lawyer to sort out the rest of her will. Cameron and my father glared at me when I entered the room, my mum on the other hand smiled and promised to meet up with me afterwards.

As promised my family received ten thousand pounds for keeping their end of the deal and I got my five thousand, but I wasn't bothered I already had twenty thousand in the bank.

Once the will was sorted out me and mum went shopping and she brought me loads of new clothes. I came home with five new pairs of jeans, three t-shirts, six strappy tops, three pairs of trainers, two pairs of boots, two coats and a Wii console. She must have spent over five hundred pounds on me.

After I put things in the wash and away, I went over to Mariah's apartment, ever since the trigger yesterday I've been checking up on her a lot.

I started to panic when no one answered the door.

'Oh, god,' I thought, 'please be alright.' I prayed.

When I walked back in my apartment Nathanael was sitting on the sofa, reading an old magazine.

"Do you know if Mariah and Aidan are alright?" I asked him, panic clearly stated in my tone.

He looked up and saw my panic, but shook his head. "Sorry, it's hard to keep track of people down here. I'm sure she's fine, especially if Aidan is with her." I had told Nathanael about the trigger as soon as I got home.

His reply was, 'just because you have a trigger doesn't mean the person always dies. All you trigger is, is something that tells you a person's life is in danger. I'm sure if Mariah was always round people she'll be fine.'

I had relaxed after, but that thought right now wasn't helping.

"How about we play some Wii Sports to keep your mind off them?" Nathanael asked hold up a Wii remote.

I nodded enthusiastically.

We played for hours, but still I didn't hear anyone next door. By ten I had tired myself out, plus it was Monday so I would have school.

I couldn't fall asleep, my mind kept wondering and worrying about Mariah. Where could she be?

I heard a faint tapping by eleven. I figured out after a loud knock that it was my front door. Grabbing my gown I wrapped it around me and answered the door.

My breath caught in my throat when I saw a teary, red-eyed Aidan at my door. I knew immediately what had happened. But I still had to ask.

"Aidan? What's wrong?" I struggled to get the words out. They were barely audible, but he still heard and answered in the same tone.


I gasped, a sharp pain in chest and leaned against my door frame. Even though I already had guessed, the words hurt worse.

"H-h-how?" I sobbed.

"She...erm...s-s-she f-f-fe-fell down the s-stairs," his crying stuttered his words. "Doctors said, she broke her neck."

I gasped for breath as I wrapped my arms around him, "Oh god, Aidan. I'm so sorry," I cried into his shoulder.

"I was wondering if I could sleep on your sofa tonight. I can't go back to her apartment, not tonight. I just can't." I could feel his tears falling on the top of my head.

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