Payback (5)

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Riley's P.O.V

Over the past few weeks, life has been a living hell. Everyday when I get home from school my dad abuses me. He punches me, kicks me, screams at me and even cuts me. I remember when he used to be so loving and kind but alcohol has been slowly changing him. He's practically the devil but I can't run because I have no idea where to go. Oh, and also add on the fact that if I ran away and he found me, I'd literally be dead.

My alarm goes off and I put on some brown laced boots, blue jeggings, a white crop top and a black jacket. I run out the house before my dad can hurt me and make my way to school which to be honest isn't any better.

I arrive at my locker only to be faced with the same faces again: the Sidemen. The Sidemen are basically a group of bullies and friends of Simon and Tobi's.

Simon is the leader it seems and he never hesitates to walk over to me and insult me, sometimes throwing in a hit or two. Then you have Tobi. I see good in him; I really do. He doesn't like to physically harm me or even be mean to me. I occasionally see regret or sympathy in his eyes but he still stays with the others.

Josh was soft at the start, similar to Tobi but he soon hardened up and helped make my life not worth living. Then you have JJ. He is as bad as Simon. He doesn't care what happens to me and makes sure I get at least a few bruises everyday.

Vikk tends to stay in the background with Tobi and doesn't like to get involved but if he has to he'll humiliate me in front of everyone.

Ethan also likes harming me but his favourite thing to do it making me embarrassed so his huge laugh can fill up the whole school. Last but not least there is Harry. He has a tendency to pull my hair or spit on my face - very disgusting basically.

I'm normally okay if I see Tobi or Vikk in the corridors as they don't come over to me but I try to hide from everyone else.

Anyway, here I am at my locker with the sidemen right in my face. There's no point in running as I ain't getting away. I close my eyes ready for the first blow. And I get it alright. It sends painful shocks through my face and I drop to the floor.

My eyes open just enough to see Ethan's leg kick me in the ribs and Harry immediately drag me back up with my hair. I stand there crying in pain but Simon throws me against my locker before calling me a whore and walking away laughing with his stupid group.


Anna and I make our way into the lunch hall. I only get a few lunches with her and she is practically my only friend. She doesn't get bullied as she has an amazing sense of humour and the whole school knows it.

I sit down with my tray of English breakfast but as soon as it touches the table it is picked up again. I know what's coming and so does Anna. She tries to move me out the way but it doesn't work. My whole lunch is now on my body as the whole hall is filled with sniggers.

My eyes start tearing up again as I get up out of my seat ready to leave with no lunch for like the 3rd time this week. "Gonna go cry to mummy?" jokes Simon. That's it. I've had enough for today. He doesn't know that my mum died but he's gonna pay for it.

I lift up my hard wooden tray and hit his head with it as hard as I can with it. Surprisingly I manage to knock him out cold and me and Anna run off laughing.

I hear a shout from Ethan as we run "YOU'RE GONNA PAY BIG TIME FOR THAT YOU BITCH!" but I didn't care, that's what he gets for making a mum joke.


"Riley Dawn, please report to the principal's office immediately. Riley Dawn, please report to the principal's office immediately."

"Shit" I say as I say my goodbyes to Anna and make my way up to his office covered in mash potatoes.

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